She Is...

This is an Inspired Writing entitled She Is... 
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She Is
 confident where it count, She shines where it matters.
Those who love her the most see her as a model of perfection.
Although she's not perfect, and she'll be the first to say;
They see her a such, because they wouldn't change a thing about her and
They thank God she wasn't made any other way.
She has Admirable qualities, Inspiring habites, Brainstorming Power and Problem Solving Brillance
She's Professional, She's Loving, Caring and Strong.

She is.....MOM

Fantasia Barrino The Movie

So yesterday me and my hubby were watching some movies on Charter Demand.  We came across Fantasia Barrino the movie, that aired on LMN.  I had never seen or heard her story before.  I had no idea that she had been through so much at a young age.  I thought it was bold of her to tell her story; but what I was most intrigued by was the way she was ushered in to "The American Idol." An accomplishment that almost never happened. Watching the movie you could see that she had so many opportunities to quit, give up and just walk away.  Life circumstances were just beating her up.  However it seemed as if her story was laid out before her and all she had to do was keep moving.  I had not realized that the dream she is walking out was a dream passed down from her grandmother and her mother.  For them it was a dream not fulfilled. It is also a dream shared by her brothers, but she is the one at the forefront of it all.  It's amazing how the gift of your talents and abilities can elevate you so far into your dreams.  For those of you who may have an opportunity to watch it, I'm trying not to give it away.  To those of you who have seen it and didn't get much positive from it, I encourage you to watch it again.  Sometimes the negative side, makes the positive side look much sweeter.  My husband and I always watch movies with an open eye to the deeper meaning and message in them.  Try it, movies are more entertaining this way.

Saints to the Super Bowl

Update: NFC Champions!!!!!

Let's  Go Saints!!!!!!!!

Turn your pre-owned electronics and giftcards into cash

2009 was a big year for people cashing in on the rise of gold prices. Many people took advantage of cashing in on their own gold jewelry in exchange for a pocket of cash. 

Based on an article I read today called "Fiscal Fitness:Get Cash for Your Castoffs",by Dayana Yochim, Gold is not the only thing that we can cash in on
Do you have old electronics, unused up gift cards, gadgets, unused airline miles, collectibles,etc. then you can take those old or unused items and turn them into money.
Many of us have so many things in our closets, actics, drawers, garages, etc.  Things we dont even know we have.  It may not be spring yet, but we can do some winter cleaning and make some extra cash in the process.  The article mentioned many sites that allow you to trade any these usused items here are a few:
* buys pre-owned cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, camcorders and other electronics.  You may receive a check , payment via PayPal, or a gift card. 
(the article listed an iPhone 3G *GB going for $103, and a Samsung Solsice SGH-A887 earned the seller $116)
* this site allows you to see the offer price before hand, by allowing you to enter information about the condition of the trade and accessories that you have to go with it. There are a number of things they offer.  Anything from PDA's, apple software to ebook readers
* allows you to recycle your used cell phone for cash.  You may even donate the earnings to a charity of your choice, or trade in for credit at stores that sell cell phones.  The article list the average price for blackberrys is $160 and $220 for iPhones. It even list the old Samsung Blackjack at $41 and the Motoralla RAZR around $20.  Where else can you get this much value for old used phones.
* or sell outright your gift card
* swap gift card for something better(also checkout, and dont expect face value, cards from popular retailers have higher value. Some sites charge flat fees and some may require the card to have at $10
* swap share or redeem unused airline miles or points
*Swap and If you have a car lease you no longer can afford or no longer want it matches people with others who can takeover their lease. (a matchmaker for your car) This is amazing, didn't know this exsisted
It also mentions that Costcos has a program with to offer members a chance to recycle their electronics in exchange for grocery money that will be deposited on their Costco card.
 Many of us who have sons who love video games, already know about Game Stop and EBgames trade in stores.  However I did not know about Radio Shack or

Moms also don't forget about the consigment shops when it comes to cleaning out children's clothes, toys, strollers, etc. You can make a little of your money back.
If you know anymore that I didn't mention, leave a comment and let me know of any you can think of

For more sites that you can take advantage of or to read the entire article click the link below:

What Inspired Me Today

Today I was Inspired by my oldest son who is 9 years old. 
 He Inspired me because he stood up for himself with no help from me or my husband.  Here is the situation:
ok, he came home yesterday with a newsletter from his teacher that is sent home to parents every week.  While I was reading the news letter I noticed a section that talked about a music concert that will feature the students playing musical instruments.  Now keep in mind that he has been excited about this concert for a couple of weeks now, because he says he's going to be playing the keyboard.  He has broadcast this to me and my husband and also his Grandma.  However when I read the news letter, I noticed that his name was not included in the group of students who were going to play instruments.  I mentioned to him that his name was not included and he was instantly bothered by the news and couldn't seem to shake the dissappointment of thinking he was suppose to be on that list.  I initially told him to let it go because I also noticed that the news letter stated that the students voted on who was going to play.  So I didn't want him to get upset that his peers hadn't voted for him.  Despite what I had told him, he didn't see that as being the case.  He also noticed upon further investigation of the newsletter that everyone mentioned was apart of his group except one name, which seemed to be replacing his, with a name of a student from another group.  All of his group members were chosen except him.  He obviously couldn't except this because he thought he had done well on the keyboard and he should be the one playing.  So this morning he asked me for the newsletter (as evidence, I guess) to take along to school with him to ask his teacher.  I was wondering how this would turn out for him.  As he came home this afternoon from school he told me he had asked his teacher why his name was not on the list and his teacher informed him that is was a mistake. The teacher said he was trying to think of names off the top of his head and put the wrong name.  So he was right.  Despite me telling him to let it go he needed an explanation and was intended to get one.  I was proud of him.  Eventhough it was only a mistake, him and I both are glad he said something.  He didn't like being overlooked, it bothered him.  I am most proud of the fact that something bothered him, so he did something about it.  Regardless of me telling him to let it go, It was a big deal to him.
"If you don't like it, try to fix it!"  He has taught me something because he could have just complained, but he did something about it.  Proud of my Boy!

Now its your turn.  Share what inspired you for the day, week, or month.  If you can't think of anything, share what things inspire you the most.

Martin Luther King Day 2010

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King
Here are some Inspiring quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

- "I Believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant."
-Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech Dec. 10 1964

-"Let no man pull you low enough to hate him"

- "The Ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of Challenge and Controversy".

- "Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love."

JANUARY 18, 2010

Somehing to Celebrate in Haiti

Finally, Something to Celebrate!! U.S. Rescue Workers pull a Haiti Women out of the Earthquake rubble ALIVE!! There was also a little toddler girl, who was pulled from the rubble ALIVE!! Rescue workers are hearing taping and voices down in the ruble of the earthquake, and it finally paid of when they managed to free a women alive. 
Best news I've heard all day.

Helping Haiti

My heart breaks everytime I see the pictures and stories of the people of Haiti. I can't imagine what they are going through.  I am so glad that we have a government that helps others with no hesisitation.  They have alot of rebuilding to do, and I will be praying for them along the way.  The amount of deaths are just astounding to me.  There is absolutely no water, yet doctors are performing amputations and delivering babies.  These people may be in a very difficult situation but they are SURVIVORS.
If you are like me, and you are wondering what you can do to help.  Here are three ways I know of:

How to Help
Victims in Haiti Disaster
Give Blood

To Donate $10 dollars to the Haiti Relief, text HAITI to 90999
or go to
or call 1-800 RedCross
If you are looking for love ones in Haiti, their is a registry on the Red Cross Website
here is a link to Red Cross

Mother's story to her daughter

My mother told me on New Years day that her goal for this year was to write a book to me.  She said starting on January 1st, 2010 she would began writing.  She explained that she would be writing about her life and experiences starting from the age of 16.  She thought this would give me an insight into her life and who she REALLY IS.  She said that with this book, no one will be able to tell me who my mother was when she's gone, because I would already know.  She would have told me her story in her own words. 
I was excited at the opportunity to read about my mother's life and to read about things she may not have told me before.  I was also honored that she would think of such a special project just for me (her only daughter).  I can't wait to get possession of the book.  She said it was placed on her heart to do this for me, as the new year approached.  It made me want to do something special for my kids.  I would love the opportunity to do a project like this one day if I am blessed with a little girl (not forseeing that in my near future).  I have 3 boys, no girls so maybe in the future. 
To all the Moms who do have little girls (princesses) this would be a wonderful idea for you and your daughter.  In the meantime I have to think of something special to do for my boys.  If anyone has suggestions, I am open to them.  Leave a comment. 

Inspired writing: Finding my way

This is an Inspired Writing entitled "Finding my way"
Hope you enjoy.

        My eyes are like the windows to the world. They allow me to be able to see so much.  Sometimes the perceptions that are received can be influential, informative or even deceptive.  Sometimes your eyes see more than your mind can comprehend at one time.  Somedays you aren't even aware of what you see until a thought is triggered by your mind.  It's like your way of recalling it.  Often times I see so much that a number of different emothions start to run ramped in my mind.  I can be encouraged, suprised, delighted, motivated, and depressed all at the same time by what I see from day to day.  Somedays I am unsure of my starting point.  I know what I want my intended end to be, but how do I get there?  I see it in my mind but it is not yet a reality.  The lord must work on me because my confusion grips holds on me and over me.  I pray for knowledge to search, find a free myself from this silent hinderance I am experencing.  Could I want to much?  Could my dreams clash one another?  I have so many mini versions of my dream, could they some how contradict each other?  What is truth and evident and real? How do I find it? That one thing for me must come.  I have to feel it, grasp it, believe it.  It's me of me, from me for me.  It has to be near because far doesn't seem within the logic.  I feel like streams of information flows in and out of my head on a daily basis, not allowing me to comprehend their meaning.  God is in control and I just want to be a partner in his endeavers.  My eyes are the window to the world, I just need the courage to find my way.

I recently recieved the Friendship Blogger Award

Thanks Viviana for choosing me as a recipient of the Friendship Blogger Award,!!
I really appreciate it.  You have a wonderful blog.
Check outViviana's blog at:
Great blogs for mothers, So moms check it out and become a follower, I sure will.  Her site also features links to many other great blogs.

Change, Accomplish and Conquer

Inspired by the spirit on the new year and the notion that we can start fresh. I would like to pose  3 topics to (you) the readers to comment on and have an opportunity to give your input.

Three Topics
1. Something to Change
2. Something To Accomplish
3. Something to Conquer

 What are some things you would like to CHANGE, ACCOMPLISH, and CONQUER.

*I would like to change my outlook on life and my perception.
*I would like to accomplish my dream of becoming a writer, not just any writer, but a successful one
*I would like to conquer fear, that is what holds me back from realizing and pursuing life to the max

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