Chilean people and Chilean Miners are Rockstars!!

I am glued to the T.V. watching all the miners come through the tube to freedom.  I can't even imagine how they feel after being trapped for a little over 2 months.  The Rescuers are doing an awesome job and everything is going well.  I can't stop watching! I went to bed watching and woke up to see how far they had gotten.  It 's amazing and inspirational to see the reactions of all the miners and their family members and also to hear the stories of miners.  They should all right a book called stories of the mines.  The story of the butterfly was amazing. "The guardian Angel butterfly" is what they called it.  The guy who dropped to his knees in prayer warmed my heart. I loved the stories of faith and prayer, believing they would come out alive. The elvis fan who led them all in song was cute, especially since he didnt speak english well but new many elvis songs.
I must say my absolute favorite miner reaction was "SUPER MARIO!" He tickled me.  I love how he brought rock souvenirs from the the mines for the rescue workers. He gave everybody hugs and led them in the chilean national chant.  It is just wonderful to see how supportive and loving the chilean people are for one another.  It's like they are all one huge family that we get to be a part of through T.V. interaction. Such a proud nation. I think their president is wonderful as well.  I am so proud that american companies participated in this joyus event. I am most of all happy that the 33 miners are all alive and well.
The miners spirits were amazing. I'm gonna keep watching till there all free.  CNN LIVE all day.
These stories make the miners, their families and those of us watching appreciate the things in or lives that hold the greatest importance.
..and to think they weren't suppose to be rescued till around christmas.  What a blessing.

Just wondering who came up with the order for the rescues.  These are some brave men.  I would be a mess if I were there especially if I were last.

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Go Blue!!!Beat MSU!!!!

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