Family Time

Family time is important, especially since it seems to be getting harder to take the family on outings or to go to different events that you may have been able to do before.  Here are some things that may help you to incorporate family time in your everyday routine while spending little or no money at all.  These are ways that will help you put family first and to enjoy your family's company:

*Something New Day*
-This is a day where you and your family will try something new.  It can be a new recipe that you haven't tried before.  It can be held twice a month, or whatever is suitable for your family. On this day the family can cook together, and the kids can make the dessert.  Make it a family thing, so the responsibility doesn't fall on one person. 

*Family Day*
-This is day that is designated and set aside for time spent with each other.  Plan activities, trips, outings etc. with the whole family.  This day is important because we need to schedule time to enjoy each others company and develop good family memories.
-examples -trips to the zoo, bowling, movies, skating, circus, fishing, trips to water park. skiing, sledding, etc.

Husband and Wife times*(*For those who are married)
-As husband and Wife it is important to develop those times that are beneficial to your marriage and relationship with each other.  We often compromise these special moments when we start having children.  Or children can take up a big part of our lives, but we must be certain to keep this special time with each other to keep our marriage healthy and keep the priority of our marriage high. It is also important that these times be shared only between husband and wives, no children allowed.  going out on dates, dinner, or just going to a relaxing atmosphere to talk to each other. These are good times for you both to communicate with each other and share ideas that you may want to share.  Most importantly this is the perfect time to reflect on your roles as husband and wife, outside of your roles as mom and dad.  This time can be scheduled twice a month or whatever is suitable for you and your husband.

With careful planning these times can be incorporated into your montly routine and will become something that you and your family can look forward to.  As husband and wife those special times together will be much appreciated by you and your spouse.  Family time is important and it doesn't always have to cost alot.  Once again with careful planning and consideration you can keep cost at a minimum.  Remember that these times are family oriented, so fun should be first and foremost, and full family participation is key. Have fun

Inspired to Give

This holiday season I have been Inspired to give.  I don't have much to give, but I have found ways to give where I can afford to.  Giving doesn't always have to consist of money.  I gave what I had to give  I decided to go through my pantry and set aside some items that I can pass along to a family or individual who may need them.  There are lots of everyday people like you and me who need help, that you never would know.  Sometimes it's not that obvious, but they do.  Local food pantries in your neighborhoods are usually very busy this time of year.  If you don't believe me volunteer.  However their are food shortages, compared to the need.  Don't make them work so hard to get more food.  Help out, Donate!  It feels great.  having been on the other side of the line, I can say from experience that ever little bit can help.  So join me by going through those pantries and cleaning out those closests to find warm gently used coats that you can pass on.

Here is a link to find local food pantries in your neighborhood:

Inspired to Listen

Sometimes we can be inspired by smallest things, or perhaps the smallest people. A small child can teach us so much about life even though they haven’t live life that long at all. Small children can teach us so much about compassion and sincerity for others. Why is it that when we are young children we show love for each other without even thinking, but when we get older as adults or even teenagers, there is no sign of that love? We can become cruel, mean, to busy and not caring. Some times we get so caught up in our own problems, issues, and life struggles that we don’t care to hear or help someone else through theirs. Did you know that helping someone through their problem or situation can cause you to learn a great deal about how to go about your own. Helping someone doesn't always mean fixing the problem, because often we don’t know how to fix it. However listening is one of my best ingredients when it comes to friends and family. We all want to be heard, and listened to. You will be surprised how much it helps. Listening followed by an encouraging word is a good recipe for helping each other through tough times.

Under Contruction

my blog is under construction.  It should be up and runnig shortly.

Thanksgiving is Coming!!

Thanksgiving is not to far away!!  This is the best time of the year to share with family, friends, etc.  So I decided to get readers input on how they will you spend thanksgiving and What are you most thankful for this year?

leave a comment and let me know the answer to those tWo questions.  Feel free to share anything else about thanksgiving that you feel led to share.

I plan on spending Thanksgiving with my husband and three boys this year at home.  Then we will find a family event to attend.  Im sure we will probably attend a thanksgiving parade, since i have little boys.  I am most thankful this year for my husband and boys, and that my husband still has a job, since I know alot of people who don't, or who have lost jobs this year.

Can't wait to see what your doing for thanksgiving
and what your thankful for!!

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