Inspired to Give

This holiday season I have been Inspired to give.  I don't have much to give, but I have found ways to give where I can afford to.  Giving doesn't always have to consist of money.  I gave what I had to give  I decided to go through my pantry and set aside some items that I can pass along to a family or individual who may need them.  There are lots of everyday people like you and me who need help, that you never would know.  Sometimes it's not that obvious, but they do.  Local food pantries in your neighborhoods are usually very busy this time of year.  If you don't believe me volunteer.  However their are food shortages, compared to the need.  Don't make them work so hard to get more food.  Help out, Donate!  It feels great.  having been on the other side of the line, I can say from experience that ever little bit can help.  So join me by going through those pantries and cleaning out those closests to find warm gently used coats that you can pass on.

Here is a link to find local food pantries in your neighborhood:


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