Inspired to Listen

Sometimes we can be inspired by smallest things, or perhaps the smallest people. A small child can teach us so much about life even though they haven’t live life that long at all. Small children can teach us so much about compassion and sincerity for others. Why is it that when we are young children we show love for each other without even thinking, but when we get older as adults or even teenagers, there is no sign of that love? We can become cruel, mean, to busy and not caring. Some times we get so caught up in our own problems, issues, and life struggles that we don’t care to hear or help someone else through theirs. Did you know that helping someone through their problem or situation can cause you to learn a great deal about how to go about your own. Helping someone doesn't always mean fixing the problem, because often we don’t know how to fix it. However listening is one of my best ingredients when it comes to friends and family. We all want to be heard, and listened to. You will be surprised how much it helps. Listening followed by an encouraging word is a good recipe for helping each other through tough times.


Christine McIvor said...

Great post. We should always give thanks to what little things we have on a daily basis.

Linda_Internet_Business said...

Great thoughts here. Some times we just get caught up in 'life' that we forget about the important things that really matter. Thanks for sharing.

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