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I don't know about you all, but I am always interested in things that can make my life alot better. Especially those  things that are in-expensive and easy to do, not to mention money savers.  So I decided to pass along some tips and tricks that I have learned and taken note of.  A few I have even tried myself, others I have yet to try.  After reading this post, you may be inspired to try a few yourself.  If so don't forget to leave a comment and tell me which one you would like to try and how they worked.  Hope you save some money and time in the process.

- Clear nail polish to seal envelopes- (I always hate licking envelopes, especially in church, it doesn't taste very good, this is a nice alternative) Clear polish also will seal buttons on new garment so they will stay on
- Constarch to loosen knots in Jewlry-heard it works
-Add vinegar to dish water - (a few tbsps)vinegar cuts grease and leaves dishes sparkling
-Toothpaste for scratched DVD's- (this one I have tried and I will use again.  It has to be paste not gel)
-Olive Oil for jammed zipper- this should come in handy!
-Disinfect sponge by putting in Microwave- put in microwave for short time and wash througly (make sure there's no metal.
-Vegetable Oil on Plastic dishes to Prevent stains- to prevent tomato stains rub inside w/ veg. oil before using.
-Marshmallow in an ice-cream cone to stop the drips- You'll love this one if you have kids
-Milk on the legs to Shave- let me know how this works. Saves money!
- Blood Stains- use hydrogen peroxide. My mom taught me this one ladies.
-Carpet Stains- rub w/ baby wipes. known to be miracle workers for stains on carpet.
-Vinegar & Water removes salt stains from shoes
-Whitten old sink-
pour half cup on salt then scrub w/ lemon.  Let it stand then rinse.
-Crayon on walls- remove w/WD40. Spray and wipe gently w/ paper towl or clean cloth.  If mark is stubborn, sprinkle on baking soda and rub in circular motion. Rinse residue w/sponge soaked in soapy water & blot dry.
-Hair dryer for crayon on walls- heat crayon mark w/ hairdryer and wipe away.  For red stains wet cloth w/ bleach and wipe.
-To Clean Metal soak in coke- coke can clean lots of things, you'd be surprise how strong it is.
-Remove rust from chrome- wipe it with aluminum foil dipped in coke. Also use aluminum foil to polish
-Use Tange drink mix to clean dishwasher- pour inTange and wash w/o dishes. It removes build up.
-Rubbing Alcohol for ink stains- (must be done before washing)
- Baby powder in Kitty Litter- keeps it from stinking, those of you with cats.
-Olive oil on a squeaky hinge
-Clear Nail Polish to Stop a Run in your panty hose-
dab some at beginning and end of run to prevent from spreading.
-To Clear away Microwave splatter- place sponge in water in microwave.  Cook high for 2min, then let sit w/o opening microwave for 5 min .  Then the mess is ready to be wiped off w/o scrubbing. This will come in handy
-Remove stickers and glue- to remove from furniture, glass and plastic, rub off w/ vegetable oil
- Perfect window cleaner- In a gallon jug combine 1/2 bottle rubbing alcohol, 2tbsp Prell Shampoo, fill to top w/ water.  The rubbing alcohol prevents streaks and the shampoo cuts dirt. Money Saver!
-Paint on carpet- to clean wipe w/ windex
- Clear clogs in sink- pour vinegar and baking soda down the drain (remember the volcano science project!)
-Olive oil to remove make-up- especially eye makeup. Money Saver. It even works on waterproof mascara(for more uses of olive oil check out my former post on olive oil, you'll be surprised)
-Add 1/2 cup Lemon Juice to Whitten whites- I tried this one. Add directly to Laundry water. Also add baking soda to colors to brighten colors
- When wick in candle burns out or breaks off- place candle container in a pot of water and place on stove on low heat.
-Place olive oil in bath water- for smooth moisturized skin.  I do this for my kids. I like to do this after shaving(check out my older post on olive oil uses)
-Rid ants-ground cinnamon, also ground pepper will do. sprinkle either on the area they travel
-Dryer sheets for wasp and bees- they hate dryer sheets
-Mosquito & Tick repellant- use have vanilla and half water (has to be pure vanilla.

Hope you found something that you can use. Let me know how it works for you! Don't forget to say hello in my shout mix box located on the right hand side

Inspiring quote

I was Inspired by a Quote..
Here is a quote that inspired me to find my purpose and make my mark.

"Do not go where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote helps me to see that I am in control of my own destiny, going with the flow is not a must.  It's kind of like being a leader and not a follower. Defining yourself by your own standards, not by someone else and what they think you should be.

I was thinking the other day when watching T.V. that the media and magazines portray beauty as being a certain size women with certain assets and a certain look, we've all seen the adds.  We may have even tried to live up to the image of beauty; but I can't help but wonder who is the person or people who determines what is beautiful and what beauty should look like? People spend so much time and money trying to conform to these images when they are already beautiful. I've seen people get plastic surgery to enhance and cut off and shape things and they end up looking worse rather than better. I don't think we are all suppose to look the same anyway. Instead of making ourselves look like someone else, why don't we just be the best us we can be. Make what you have work.
I think our self image has a lot to do with how successful we think we can be. How you see yourself could have a lot more to do with where you see yourself than you may realize. Don't allow your head to be filled with nonsense that has no orgin and cause you not to realize your potential. You decide what's beautiful without media influence then walk in that, and see how others began to want to be like you.
I have found that confidence is attractiveMy husband is most attractive when he is confident in hiself, he says the same about me.
Have you ever came across a good salesman who was selling something that you didn't think was such a big deal, but after he/she began to sells it and bring to light all of its attributes and functions, you began to think "Wow this is pretty cool!" kind of like those informercials! Well, this is what confidence does for us.  It enhances our personality and allows others to see how attractive we really are.

It's Our Anniversay!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone!
I have been pretty busy lately and I haven't had much time to blog this past week.  Today, 
March 16th (3-16) is Me and my Husband's 6th year Anniversay!!!!!!!!!  We have been together since 1999 (so I guess thats about 11years wow).  We are highschool sweethearts so eventhough its 6th years it feels like much longer. We are truly bestfriends, I can tell him anything.
We celebrated this weekend by getting away and enjoying each others company minus our 3 boys who stayed with grandma (thanks mom). We had a wonderful time doing things we love to do together.  We laughed alot which we do often. He cracks me up! We also re -did our first date, which was going to see a movie. Our first date we were 17 & 18, we went to see a movie, but because we forgot our I.D's we had to see Toy story lol, this time we saw a grown -up movie!  We still joke about that to this day.
Our anniversary Dinner was also wonderful, we went to a new restaurant that we wanted to try which I'm sure we will re-visit. I realized after our weekend getaway that we need to get away more often.  We always have fun with our kids, but we have so much fun together.

My mothers anniversary is comming up this sunday and I would like to wish her and her husband a Happy Anniversary!

first necklace                                                        earrings
                                      Second Necklace                                           
Here are my gifts! I mentioned to my husband that I wanted a heart charm necklace and he bought me two. I received one over the weekend and the other he gave me today with a matching pair of earrings. I am so into heart charms, I think they are beautiful.

"Sometimes children can teach us the most"

I always like to say that, "Sometimes children can teach us the most"
This is something I have found to be true.  It's their view of situations and what it teaches them that speaks to me the most. 
For instance, remember when you were younger, how often times kids would get in to it, and argue and fight with each other.  Usually it was their best friends and people they would play with everyday that they would fight with. It seemed to always be over something petty and stupid and they would have a disagreement and shout "I'm not your friend anymore!"(or "I'm not your brother anymore", like my 4yr old likes to say to his brothers, as if thats something he can undo). Children tend to get in these type of dispute with each other all the time, but the next day everything is always fine again.  The very next day they are back playing as if the dispute never exsisted.  Especially if their is no parent involvement, because we can sometimes escalate minor situations.  However, to the kids everything is fine.  As if the phrase "I'm not your friend has only a 5 hours limit.  I tell my oldest son all the time, when he gets into arguments with his friends that they will be buddys tomarrow.  At the time he's thinking "yeah right!" Yet the next day things don't seem so bad anymore.  This can become irritating to some adults, but their is one aspect of this that I love about kids. This is almost like a teachable moment for us.  It's in these situations where you see the heart of children.  They are willing to let go of something and not hold on to grudges.  Somewhere along the lines we loose this ability as adults. We allow petty, minor, little things to control our relationships and in some cases our lives.  Children get upset, they lash out even by cutting ties with the friendship, but the next day begins a new day for them.  As adults we go through years of anger and grudge before even realizing we're holding a grudge.  How would it be if each day was new for us as adults? How many frienships and relationships have been ruined over things that mean nothing. Often times after years of being mad, we don't even remember why we were mad in the first place.
Note: If you don't remember why your mad at someone, then it's no point in being mad.
I've even noticed times where the anger would wear off, but we will re-kindle it in order to stay mad.  This is most common amongst spouses and relationships with dating and even family. You try to hold on to anger because you feel you have that right. I've been there before. I admit it didn't get me far. Yet this is what you tell yourself, "I deserve to be mad, after what they did!" What you're really saying is, "I deserve to be held back from living my life and doing what it is I should be doing, because I'm to busy keeping track of my anger." Doesn't sound very smart does it? However there is something freeing about moving on and forgiving someone, even when they don't necessarily deserve it. It frees up your life to move on to much better things.  I think that's why kids don't bother with grudges.  It's too much work, they don't have time. Forgiving is weight lifting, especially if you have many people to forgive. We see it as giving them power or giving away power, but it's more like gaining power for much better things. Like my husband always says, "It's Nothing!" Well, you can use that saying too. Here is a saying my former pastor always used, Life is 10% what happens to you,90% how you respond.(-Thanks Pastor Forbes!). I love that saying, it's so true.  How do you respond to your situation? Are you letting what happens to you be your 90%?
Access your relationships and see if you have any gudges that fall into the petty category.  If so I encourage you to visit your childhood days and decide if your gonna let tomarrow be a new day.  Remember "It's Nothing", unless of course you make it.
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Blog Food

I am out of blog food and I need to go restock!!.........
 My definition of Blog Food is: A snack that you enjoy when writing blog post or reading other blogs.
My new Blog food of choice is Skittles Crazy Cores.  I just can't stop eating them.  My old blog food, and every other time snack use to be Red Vines.  I use to love red vines before I became hooked on these new skittles.  I can blame my mother for my addiction to Red Vines, she is the one who introduced me to them.

Confession:  If your reading this mom, I use to sneak in your Red Vines when I was younger and eat them. It's was like they were calling me; but worry no more, I am now into these new skittles.  However if you have any skittles crazy cores laying around I would put them away when I come over.  No, I'm kidding. Sorry mom!
Now that I've gotten that off my chest I feel better.

Redvines has nothing on Skittles Crazy Cores! They don't even get stuck in my teeth like Redvines
If you have never tried a bag, I encourage you to do so. They have to delicious flavors in one little piece! The original skittles have nothing on these. Go out and get a bag today and everytime you eat them you will think of me :) 
*Blue Raspberry -Lemon        * Strawberry-Watermelon       *Melon Berry
*Cherry-Lemonade                *Mango-Peach                           
Look at those flavor combination.
Note: to the company who makes Skittles Crazy Cores this is not free advertising, just put my check in the mail. I  will accept coupons as well.

Another snack I love to eat when watching TV is Ruffles Potato Chips and Apple Juice. Oh my goodness you have no idea! This has been my favorite snack for years
Share what your favorite snacks are or if you have blog food, what is yours?
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