Inspired writing: The place I go

This is an inspired writing entitled: The Place I go. I hope you enjoy

The Dark Freezing stormy night was on her, as she sat there desperately waiting.  Broken and bruised but determined not to give in.  She waited anxiously while praying for strength to endure the heaviness she was carrying.  She was afraid of fainting but she held onto her sudden strength to bear.  She knew in her heart that her hope would show himself before her eyes became to heavy. "He hasn't forgotten"she continued to tell herself.  Determined not to drift the night became deep and rain drops became even heavier.  It was almost likke they were beating down her faith.  Fear and defeat began to speak. They told her how the strom would keep her hope away.  Her heart teeter-tottered with every glimpse of light.  Whenever the light passed her by she reached deeper into her stash of faith that she had spent the last two years building for such a time as this.  She was careful to stay true to her faith although her circumstance were doing their best to mock her.  This was all she had to endure.  She had never been so broken in her life.  Her physical health was fragile, her mental health had become exhausted by the second and her spiritual health was in the fight of its life.  Getting through the night was her constant prayer, but tomarrow had plenty of worries she was not competant enough to ponder.  In order to protect her emotional well-being she transferred to an empty, cold, blank place where she only exsisted in body.  Starring straight ahead expressionless and zoned out in a protective bearing state. Her freezing body became numb and the tears withheld.  When having done all there is to do, just stand.  While in this state she's constantly reminding herself how often her faith has sustained her in hard times.  She ensured herself, "Surely this time is no different." She realized that it was so late or early in the morning that help would usually be sleep.  All things considered she began thanking him for delivering her from this situation.  She thanked him for rescuing her as if it had already happen.  After re-encouragement she slipped back into that state of being.  Hours passed, raindrops fell until puddles accumilated on the ground.  She could not barely feel her limbs.  Water trickled down the windows with consistency and flow which made visibility impossible.  Trapped, freezing, hollow, battered and fragile are the emotions and feelings that she was protecting herself from while waiting for him. These are the emotions she carries but the weight of it all is weighing  heavy. Although it has slipped into a still night with no lights, she refuses to drift off, as if her drifting is a direct reflection of her faith.  Refusing to seperate the two she glared straight ahead, determined to see her deliverance in its fruition.  The wait persists almost to cause her to recant her faith. Suddenly out of the still deep night a stream  of light glared through the stream of rain on the window.  Hope revived her like resesitations from the hand of her deliverer.  Unlike the lights she had seen pass her by the last several hours,  she knew instantly this time was different.  She had gone through hours with no light and only the sounds of the drum of nature, and at last she was finally graced with this glimmer of hope in the form of light.  "I knew he heard me! I knew he had not forgotten me", she whispered to herself as tears quickly rose to the surface of her eyes. It was like a flood that had been released.  Her deliverance had come.  It was then when she realized the true meaning of he'll never give you more than you can bear.  She always heard other recite that verse but never understood the magnitude of it until now. It was over! her suffering, the fear, the emotional roller coaster all of it was over.  Her strength to bear that agony was always there. Her circumstances seemed to much for her at times that she felt the need to zone out, yet she has come out the other side of it ok.
Relief was not a strong enough word to describe her new found emotions, however tomarrow was a new challenge, but as low as it was today, she still felt she was blessed the most.

Beat England!! Beat Algeria! Beat Ghana!!!!!

Update: Way to Go USA!! what a game between Algeria.  That was crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to close the game Landon Donovan #10
 I was inspired by the USA team and their never give up spirit that they carried all the way to the very end of the Algeria game this morning (seriously. the VERY END! but its ok boys).  I was so proud of them and most of all proud to be an american.  They didn't quit but they kept competing until they got what they came for,
 A Chance of a Lifetime.  Way to go boys!

If you watched the game you know what I mean.  If not check out the next one against Ghana saturday
 I must say though, it is both irritating and exciting watching them play, because they always give nail bitting performances.

Lets go USA soccer!!!!!!!!!!!  Beat England!!!!!!!!!! Join me in cheering on our usa soccer team tomarrow at 2:30PM est. on ABC

I cheered for South Africa this morning.   The atmosphere over there seem so electric. Way to go South Africa
I'm also praying for the Mandela family, what a tragedy.

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