Has anbody seen Spring tell her I miss her

Has anybody Seen Spring? Tell her I miss her!!!
winter is not very nice to me and I really miss Spring.  She gives me flowers, and green grass and wonderful colors.  She even washes our car from time to time with her showers.  It's been so long, I almost forgot how beautiful she was.
My husband likes Winter, but I'm so over it.  Everything about winter is nasty! Ok, sure it starts off beautiful when it first comes around Christmas time but that wears off quickly when it brings colds and stuffy noses and snow days. (which I use to love before I actually had kids school age, now I'm so against it).  I have no beautiful pictures to remeber spring but I have plenty of pictures of winter stinking up the place:
I wake up to this every morning and I'm so over it.  The last picture is a dumpster that is surrounded by snow.  On the worst days it is almost buried in snow.  This is one of the lighter days.
I always visit different blogs who have pictures of beautiful weather and I always wonder where do they stay. This is where I stay.  Anybody wanna trade??

Inspired Writing: She Needs To Know

This is an Inspired Writing by me entitled: She Needs To Know I hope you enjoy it

She needs to know that her work is not in vain. That her steps have led her up. That her feet won't blister from beating the pavement of goal acheivement.  She reaches but she's afraid she's not close enough to grab hold of motivation to lift her up toward satisfaction in knowing, that she has done enough to reach the top. She's fainting in her thoughts but caught a glimpse of tomorrow.  She's restored and ready because she knows what is possible. She sees it happening to others, so she knows it can happen.  Will it happen, is what she struggles with.  Encouraging herself to stay the course she's lifted with new word.  Although failure taunts her, she's determined to win that fight, so she has to talk back.  She needs to know that it's Inspiration together with her determination that will bring her the manifestation of her destination near...
She needs to know

That fear wants her captive and affraid to move.  She's battling herself.  Her mind is the enemy.  Failure is the bully that won't let her through.  Standing up begins here, victimization is no more. Confidence lifts her, Faith will sustain her. She must anticipate with actions and settle for gold.  She needs to know that her goals are not that far, their just waiting for her to believe with no doubts in her mind.  Things are what you make them and your reaction is key.  Lessons learned with wisdom gained and struggles behind her will help her see things clearer.
Bit by Bit comes Victory...
Will You Let Her Know??

Birthday Update

Thanks Ladies for the comments wishing my son a Happy Birthday!
 He had a lot of fun yesterday especially when his Grandma drove up an hour to see him with gifts and balloons in hand.  She got him a brand new Leapter and he was excited.  He got the v-smile pocket for christmas and he gave that to his little brother who is 2-1/2, because he didn't need it anymore.  He loves this thing.  My 9 yr old seems to like it too and he has a DS.  It's nice to see kids loving to learn. We have yet to really celebrate his birthday, we are planning to do that this weekend.  We're probably gonna take him somewhere like Jeepers which he's been asking to go for about 4 months now.  I sure he'll have a blast and we can do cake, ice cream and all the works.
My younger son is still trying to figure out why my 4yr old is so special. (Now he can't wait till his birthday which isn't coming till May ) I love it when they have their birthdays.  They get so excited

I'm still trying to figure out what we should get him.  Any suggestions?
We have until this weekend to decide

Happy Birthday to my son!!

Today is my sons 4th Birthday
Happy Birthday Son!!!

He has been waiting on his birtday since December when his brother had a party.  Every day he was like "When is my birthday Comming."  So today when he woke up I told him it was his birthday so he started singing "Let's get this party started!!" I couldn't do anything but shake my head.  Must be the Disney Channel Movies.  He may be 4 but he's going on 21.

If there were no Limits

Ok so here is  the Question of the week:
 If there were NO LIMITS what would you do?

*No amount of skill
*No amount of money
If you had not limits what would you do?, Where would you go?
How would your life be different?
Think about it....
We all seem to have limits holding us back from doing the things we want so badly to do.  Whether it is money, skill, time, youth.  It always seems to be something.  Some of these are very valid limitations, other can become excuses. 

Have You thought of What you would do???

After deciding what it is you would do. Now figure out what limits you from doing that. Now think of  ways to overcome those limitaions.  Find ways around them (a detour).  If someone tells you NO, then maybe your asking the wrong person, or the wrong question. 
 Find someone who will tel you "Yes."
What stands between us and our dreams? ..and Why do we let it? (Road Blocks)
Are you sick of situations telling you no and telling you what you cant't do?
Lets recognize those dreams, break off the limitations and make them a reality. Then we can blog about them telling others how we did it :)

Im ready are you?

Check out this book: Broken Dreams, Fulfilled Promises

Journal Your Life

I have always been the type of girl to carry around a journal.  I love to write, whether its about my day or just things I learn and pick up on from day to day.  I have always carried them around and owned tons of them since I was a child.  A pretty girly journal with a beautiful pen, would just make my day. It must have have tons of paper because I am annoyed with ones that don't.  I always say one day I'm gonna make my own line of journals. (hopefully all you guys will be customers :). I have a huge journal that I have used for the past five years that is like a window into my life.  I always wrote down important things and things that were of value that I wanted to remember.  It's pretty much full now but I constantly look through it to remind me of things I may have forgotten.  It holds all my goals and accomplishments throughout the past five years.  Whenever I went through difficult times, it held my thoughts and prayers.  I even wrote out prayers.  Somedays I sit back and flip through the pages and read stories that remind me of that time in my life.  I am left with many emotions based on the story.  Often times I am left with a feeling of having been Blessed  and how some of things I worried about then are no longer an issue.  Amazingly my journal also teaches me things and reminds me of lessons learned but forgotten.  I write to express myself and my journal is always a place to store these expressions.  I am a just journal girl.  As I said before my favorite journal is now full so my husband decided to get me a new one for Valentines Day, but he knows my journal standards are high so I'm gonna pick my own.  I haven't found one yet.  You may offer any suggestions you have.  I often am inspired to write blog entries after reading my journal because it holds so many inspirational things.  I flip through it like a book, its like reading through chapters of the past 5 years of my life.  It brings a smile to my face to see the goals I have accomplished and set out to do the things I always said I wanted to do.  To many of you, your blog is your journal. To me, my blog is a reflection of my journal.  I am even going to get a blog journal (as if I need an excuse for a new one) That way I can write out many things to inculde in my blog.  Journals make the perfect girt.  Those of you who love to write try getting a journal and make sure its super cute! with a pen of course.  I love to write more than I type so for those of you who are the same, give it a try.
Journal your life!

If you Journal, tell me how your journal inspires you
thanks to those of you who participated in my Valentines Day poll

Characteristics of Love

Characteristics of Love in honor of the day to celebrate love:

Love Is....

Does not boast
Not Proud
Not Rude
Not Self Seeking
Not easily Angered
Keeps no Record of Wrongs
Does not delight in evil
Rejoice in truth
Always Protects
Always Trusts
Always Preserves
Nerver Fails

What are the Characteristics of the Love you give?

Your Going Places Baby Award

Thanks to Tiffany over  at Dreams Do Come True
  1. Post where you would like to be in 10 years
  2. Pass it on to 10 other special Bloggers!
In ten years I would like to be a paid writer living in a community where my family could grow older . Also living in a beautiful home that we have been visualizing and possibly a family of  6 with an addition of a little girl (possibly, no promises lol). Sending my oldest boy off to college (wow)
 I would like to pass this award on to the following blogs and people I have discovered:
  1. Quintel at Urban Paint
  2. Marty at Coffee with Marty
  3. Alexandria at Like a Comfy Pair of Jeans
  4. Mrs. Sergeant at Air. Force. Wife. Life.
  5. Gina at The Shabby Chic Cottage
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  7. Carlee at The Payton Periodicals (Newly Weds)
  8. Clarabelle at Pink Cupcake
  9. Maegan at ...love maegan
  10. Elizabeth at Musing Experiences
Check out these amazing blogs and congratulate them because their going places

Valentines Day is Approaching

Valentines Day is quickly approaching so I thought that a valentines day post was only appropriate.  Most of the friends I spoke with have plans for dinner but I thought I would ask you all what your plans are. This also an opportunity for you to share some valentines day ideas with others. So here are the questions I have for you:
What do you like to receive for Valentines Day? Are you the flower type or do you like Chocoloates/Candy, or Dinner at a nice restaurant?  Or do you like all three? Share some of the things you would like to do for valentines day, or ideas you want to share with others.  Is Valentines Day plans left up to you or is it something you let your mate plan for you?
Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Valentines Day
Ladies, Do you get your Husband/boyfriend a gift for Valentine day
Yes, I do
No, Valentines Day is for Women
Only a Card
Doesn't Apply
Please Specify:
Can't Wait to hear your thoughts and ideas on Valentines Day.
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Friendship Blogger Award

At the beginning of the year I was fortunate enough to receive the Friendship Blogger Award from Viviana (who I haven't talk to in a while, Hi Vie)  Her blog features great resources for moms and WAHM.  Viviana awarded me my first blog award when I was just starting out.  I didn't even know they existed.  So now I feel like I should share some bloggie love myself.

Since recieving this award, I haven't had the chance to pass it on.  However, lately I have met some worthy bloggers of this award.  So without further Ado here are my recipients of the Friendship Blog Award:

To all my recipients hopefully this is the beginning of a long blog friendship!Be sure to check these ladies out on their blogs.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  You can also join in on the bloggie love by leaving comments.






Lets Go SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT THOSE COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knowing Im Suppose to be Somebody

This is an Inspired Writing Entitled "Knowing Im suppose to be Somebody"
hope you enjoy

Living life in normalcy and finding your way through each day can be weighing when you know that there is more for you.  You struggle with the fact that each day is not fulll of what you expect and it doesn't  even touch the foot of your expectations.  The thoughts of your mind tells you: "There's more for me, I know its true."  I come  so far, yet I dream so big.  Why would He give me these dreams to motivate me to shine if he didn't see me brighter.  If only my dreams came with instruction manuals.  Maybe then I could see my way out and in to each day, moving closer to my dream and views of my life's plan.  I know in my heart a dreamer is what I am.  Visual pictures of goals and accomplishment and helping others do the same, is what I see.  Eventhough the vision I have for myself is to be Somebody; No one sees me bigger than the one who made me. I know he made me to be Somebody!

Who Are You Proud of

Instead of telling what Inspired me today, I would like to share who I am proud of.
I would also love for you to join in by telling who your are most proud of or you can choose to tell who Inspires you.

The person I am proud of is my brother, My big brother, who has recently informed me that he is enrolling in college to take up a degree in computers, much like I did.  I never thought my big brother would follow in my footsteps, but I think its more of him finding his own footsteps.  Nevertheless, I am PROUD of him.  PROUD of my BIG BRO.  I wish him much success and many more proud moments.

Now its your turn:  Share with me and others who you are proud of or better yet, who inspires you.  Choose one or you can do both.  Looking forward to hearing your comments.  So share some love for the people who touch your life.

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