Knowing Im Suppose to be Somebody

This is an Inspired Writing Entitled "Knowing Im suppose to be Somebody"
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Living life in normalcy and finding your way through each day can be weighing when you know that there is more for you.  You struggle with the fact that each day is not fulll of what you expect and it doesn't  even touch the foot of your expectations.  The thoughts of your mind tells you: "There's more for me, I know its true."  I come  so far, yet I dream so big.  Why would He give me these dreams to motivate me to shine if he didn't see me brighter.  If only my dreams came with instruction manuals.  Maybe then I could see my way out and in to each day, moving closer to my dream and views of my life's plan.  I know in my heart a dreamer is what I am.  Visual pictures of goals and accomplishment and helping others do the same, is what I see.  Eventhough the vision I have for myself is to be Somebody; No one sees me bigger than the one who made me. I know he made me to be Somebody!


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