Birthday Update

Thanks Ladies for the comments wishing my son a Happy Birthday!
 He had a lot of fun yesterday especially when his Grandma drove up an hour to see him with gifts and balloons in hand.  She got him a brand new Leapter and he was excited.  He got the v-smile pocket for christmas and he gave that to his little brother who is 2-1/2, because he didn't need it anymore.  He loves this thing.  My 9 yr old seems to like it too and he has a DS.  It's nice to see kids loving to learn. We have yet to really celebrate his birthday, we are planning to do that this weekend.  We're probably gonna take him somewhere like Jeepers which he's been asking to go for about 4 months now.  I sure he'll have a blast and we can do cake, ice cream and all the works.
My younger son is still trying to figure out why my 4yr old is so special. (Now he can't wait till his birthday which isn't coming till May ) I love it when they have their birthdays.  They get so excited

I'm still trying to figure out what we should get him.  Any suggestions?
We have until this weekend to decide


Elizabeth said...

Glad yesterday went well for you and your son! Oh and family~~ :-)

Christina Thomas said...

Happy Birthday to you son! They grow up so fast! I hope you have a great weekend filled with lots of cake and ice cream!

Charris said...

Thanks Christina

Tiffany said...

I am the oldest... he is my baby brother. I have 5 brothers & 3 sisters

Allison @ I heart Change said...

Aw. Happy birthday to your son. I'm really looking forward to when my kiddo is old enough to understand birthdays too.

Your comment made me laugh. I hope you have fun celebrating your son's birthday!

Charris said...

Thanks Allison!

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