Has anbody seen Spring tell her I miss her

Has anybody Seen Spring? Tell her I miss her!!!
winter is not very nice to me and I really miss Spring.  She gives me flowers, and green grass and wonderful colors.  She even washes our car from time to time with her showers.  It's been so long, I almost forgot how beautiful she was.
My husband likes Winter, but I'm so over it.  Everything about winter is nasty! Ok, sure it starts off beautiful when it first comes around Christmas time but that wears off quickly when it brings colds and stuffy noses and snow days. (which I use to love before I actually had kids school age, now I'm so against it).  I have no beautiful pictures to remeber spring but I have plenty of pictures of winter stinking up the place:
I wake up to this every morning and I'm so over it.  The last picture is a dumpster that is surrounded by snow.  On the worst days it is almost buried in snow.  This is one of the lighter days.
I always visit different blogs who have pictures of beautiful weather and I always wonder where do they stay. This is where I stay.  Anybody wanna trade??


Dana said...

I miss her too. I am so over it as well. Snow is only good for one thing...Christmas and that is it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Rebecca Watson said...

I realy really really miss her too!!! -

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be in Oklahoma for the next few days. I'll be sure to tell Spring hello from you :) I miss her too.

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