Inspired Writing: She Needs To Know

This is an Inspired Writing by me entitled: She Needs To Know I hope you enjoy it

She needs to know that her work is not in vain. That her steps have led her up. That her feet won't blister from beating the pavement of goal acheivement.  She reaches but she's afraid she's not close enough to grab hold of motivation to lift her up toward satisfaction in knowing, that she has done enough to reach the top. She's fainting in her thoughts but caught a glimpse of tomorrow.  She's restored and ready because she knows what is possible. She sees it happening to others, so she knows it can happen.  Will it happen, is what she struggles with.  Encouraging herself to stay the course she's lifted with new word.  Although failure taunts her, she's determined to win that fight, so she has to talk back.  She needs to know that it's Inspiration together with her determination that will bring her the manifestation of her destination near...
She needs to know

That fear wants her captive and affraid to move.  She's battling herself.  Her mind is the enemy.  Failure is the bully that won't let her through.  Standing up begins here, victimization is no more. Confidence lifts her, Faith will sustain her. She must anticipate with actions and settle for gold.  She needs to know that her goals are not that far, their just waiting for her to believe with no doubts in her mind.  Things are what you make them and your reaction is key.  Lessons learned with wisdom gained and struggles behind her will help her see things clearer.
Bit by Bit comes Victory...
Will You Let Her Know??


Nikx said...

Nice thoughts Charris.

Charris said...

thanks Nikx

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