Happy New Year 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The New Year has finally come,
 many celebrate knowing that the sorrows of 2009 are behind them.  Although many have gone through during the last year, we rejoice at a chance to start over and get things right.  The best is yet to come!!! Get Excited about the opportunities that will arise in 2010.  We are still here breathing and living, and we should promise ourselves that we will live life to the fullest in this year.  Alot of us want our surroundings to change, but we must first realize that change comes from within, and starts with our thinking. Change starts within, flows out, and manifest itself around us.  We must change what kind of people we are, then we can change the who that we become.  Not a new identity but a new outlook on life.  This new year we should listen more, talk less, love beyond and heal up.  I say heal up because alot of people are dealing with so much and haven't had an opportunity to heal.  We cannot do all that 2010 has for us to do if we are not healthy. Heal from the past and prepare for the NOW. 2010 is no longer the future it is the Now. We have to heal in order to Heal. We can't help others heal if we ourselves are not.  This year lets do both.  Get emotionally and physically healthy then take that strength and pass it on.

I heard a quote the other day that said :
"Take what your good at and do it to the best of your ability, and the help will come"
-a wise person

That spoke to me, it let me know that I am only responsible for my half. Work your gift and let the rest do its part. Sometimes we worry so much about what we can't control. Do your best at controlling what u can, the rest is not yours to control.

“For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice.”
-Little Gidding II

Just think next year this time we won't want the year to end because it will have ushered in so much into our lives.

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Inspired by the New Year

Do you have a New Year's Resolution???
Every year people make them, some keep them many don't, yet people continue to make them.
I no longer call them resolutions because its almost like your setting yourself up for failure. There for I call them NEW YEAR'S Goals. Goals are things I will do to get me in a better position. It's not one thing but many. Plans you might even call it. So my question to you are what is yours? Your New Year's Resolution, Goals, or plans.
Leave a comment and tell us what yours are.
I plan on getting myself in a position to buy a house, increase my finances and create more family memories.

What's Yours?????
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New Years Day/New Year's Eve Traditions

Do you have any New Years Eve or NewYears Day Traditions?

One tradition that my mother started is to make Gumbo every New Year's Day. Now that I'm an adult, I appreciate those tradition. If you and your family have New Years Day/Eve traditions, please feel free to share them.

How was your Christmas??

My Christmas was wonderful.  The boys enjoyed themselves, especially my 2yr old.  I hope everyones Christmas was as wonderful as ours, and We can look forward to the good things the new year will bring.  2010 is going to be such an awesome year. A year full of fulfilled dreams and big expectations. 

The Many Uses of Olive Oil

Olive oil is for more than just cooking!!!!
I ran across and interesting article that I would like to share.
 It talks about the different uses of olive oil. I was recently looking for ways that I can remove scars from pimples and I ran across many sites that talked about the different uses of olive oil. I was suprised and the many different ways it can be used. Next time I am at the store I will make sure to get two bottles. One for cooking and the other for things like: skin moisturizer, face cleaser, hair conditioner, stop hinges on the door from squeeking, shaving cream, chapped lips etc.
 Check out some uses here:

This site also explains the different grades of olive oil and how they are made.  I always wanted to know the difference between extra virgin olive oil(evoo) and regular olive oil.

Inspired by Christmas

Christmas is about 12 days away.  Some of us are in the spirit and some of us are not in the spirit.  Which is why I chose to ask you all.  What makes you get into the spirit of christmas?  Is it the lights and decorations, the generosity of others, Santas at the local mall, or the eagerness of children making their christmas list.  This year people may find it harder to get in the spirit when its been such a hard year.  That is why its even more important that we experience the wonderful feelings that the holidays bring.  This time of the year spirits are lifted and lives are touched.  What causes this feeling to overcome people this time of year?  People think of others more during christmas time than they do any other time of the year.  "The Christmas Spirit"  do you have it? When did you get it, or if not, What will it take for you to join in. 
My husband says its the snow that ushers him into the feeling of christmas.  If it doesn't snow it doesn't feel much like christmas to him.  To me its the anxiousness of my boys, and the many opportunities to be a blessing.  What is it for you?  What gives you the christmas spirit??
Leave a comment and let me know.
I would also like to know what your favorite part of christmas is?  Mine would be the smiles on children and adults, suprises (which I love) and the closeness of the family. Share your thoughts!

Inspired to Know Myself

We often come to a point in our lives where we want to know what our purpose is and what were we meant to do in life. You see people who find that niche that works for them, and those who have found things that they really soar at. Some examples are professional athletes, really good actors, singers, etc. Even those who are good at numbers, or lawyers and doctors who are the best in their field; but what is your area? What are you good at? What area are you gifted to soar in, and how do you find it?
Well, finding this particular thing out about yourself can be a process, and for some it can take many years of trying all kinds of things and not being able to find what is the right fit for you.,

Here are some questions that came help you along the way. Before you can figure out what you are suppose to do, and what you are good at, you must find out who you are and what your like:

1. What is UNIQUE about me?

2. What makes Me, Me?

3. What Moves Me?

4. What causes me to get CREATIVE?

5. What is the BEST thing about me?

YOU MUST KNOW WHO YOU ARE TO KNOW WHERE YOUR GOING. Often times we don't know much about ourselves, we don't even know our own makeup. Our love ones know more about us than we know about ourselves. Get connected to yourself and learn what it is you really want out of life.

Christmas Giveaways

Christmas Season is a Great time for Giveaways.  Here are some sites who are offering Christmas giveaways
Click on the link below to sign up for some cool Christmas Giveaways at Chrstian PF:
Win Two IPods and more.
http://www.mommyniri.com/ is also hosting a giveaway that ends soon, so get on over there and sign up quickly before it ends!  If you like the new disney movie the Princess and the Frog. Be sure to sign up for the Deluxe Tiana doll wardrobe and playset.  There are also a number of other things given away.

Family Time

Family time is important, especially since it seems to be getting harder to take the family on outings or to go to different events that you may have been able to do before.  Here are some things that may help you to incorporate family time in your everyday routine while spending little or no money at all.  These are ways that will help you put family first and to enjoy your family's company:

*Something New Day*
-This is a day where you and your family will try something new.  It can be a new recipe that you haven't tried before.  It can be held twice a month, or whatever is suitable for your family. On this day the family can cook together, and the kids can make the dessert.  Make it a family thing, so the responsibility doesn't fall on one person. 

*Family Day*
-This is day that is designated and set aside for time spent with each other.  Plan activities, trips, outings etc. with the whole family.  This day is important because we need to schedule time to enjoy each others company and develop good family memories.
-examples -trips to the zoo, bowling, movies, skating, circus, fishing, trips to water park. skiing, sledding, etc.

Husband and Wife times*(*For those who are married)
-As husband and Wife it is important to develop those times that are beneficial to your marriage and relationship with each other.  We often compromise these special moments when we start having children.  Or children can take up a big part of our lives, but we must be certain to keep this special time with each other to keep our marriage healthy and keep the priority of our marriage high. It is also important that these times be shared only between husband and wives, no children allowed.  going out on dates, dinner, or just going to a relaxing atmosphere to talk to each other. These are good times for you both to communicate with each other and share ideas that you may want to share.  Most importantly this is the perfect time to reflect on your roles as husband and wife, outside of your roles as mom and dad.  This time can be scheduled twice a month or whatever is suitable for you and your husband.

With careful planning these times can be incorporated into your montly routine and will become something that you and your family can look forward to.  As husband and wife those special times together will be much appreciated by you and your spouse.  Family time is important and it doesn't always have to cost alot.  Once again with careful planning and consideration you can keep cost at a minimum.  Remember that these times are family oriented, so fun should be first and foremost, and full family participation is key. Have fun

Inspired to Give

This holiday season I have been Inspired to give.  I don't have much to give, but I have found ways to give where I can afford to.  Giving doesn't always have to consist of money.  I gave what I had to give  I decided to go through my pantry and set aside some items that I can pass along to a family or individual who may need them.  There are lots of everyday people like you and me who need help, that you never would know.  Sometimes it's not that obvious, but they do.  Local food pantries in your neighborhoods are usually very busy this time of year.  If you don't believe me volunteer.  However their are food shortages, compared to the need.  Don't make them work so hard to get more food.  Help out, Donate!  It feels great.  having been on the other side of the line, I can say from experience that ever little bit can help.  So join me by going through those pantries and cleaning out those closests to find warm gently used coats that you can pass on.

Here is a link to find local food pantries in your neighborhood:

Inspired to Listen

Sometimes we can be inspired by smallest things, or perhaps the smallest people. A small child can teach us so much about life even though they haven’t live life that long at all. Small children can teach us so much about compassion and sincerity for others. Why is it that when we are young children we show love for each other without even thinking, but when we get older as adults or even teenagers, there is no sign of that love? We can become cruel, mean, to busy and not caring. Some times we get so caught up in our own problems, issues, and life struggles that we don’t care to hear or help someone else through theirs. Did you know that helping someone through their problem or situation can cause you to learn a great deal about how to go about your own. Helping someone doesn't always mean fixing the problem, because often we don’t know how to fix it. However listening is one of my best ingredients when it comes to friends and family. We all want to be heard, and listened to. You will be surprised how much it helps. Listening followed by an encouraging word is a good recipe for helping each other through tough times.

Under Contruction

my blog is under construction.  It should be up and runnig shortly.

Thanksgiving is Coming!!

Thanksgiving is not to far away!!  This is the best time of the year to share with family, friends, etc.  So I decided to get readers input on how they will you spend thanksgiving and What are you most thankful for this year?

leave a comment and let me know the answer to those tWo questions.  Feel free to share anything else about thanksgiving that you feel led to share.

I plan on spending Thanksgiving with my husband and three boys this year at home.  Then we will find a family event to attend.  Im sure we will probably attend a thanksgiving parade, since i have little boys.  I am most thankful this year for my husband and boys, and that my husband still has a job, since I know alot of people who don't, or who have lost jobs this year.

Can't wait to see what your doing for thanksgiving
and what your thankful for!!

Family In Need

How far would you go to help a family member in need? Before you answer, let me first tell you that this is the side of the family who is always needing something. This particular time its something big, money perhaps....Based on those bits of information, what would be your answer???

Have you ever had a family member call you up and ask for help in the wee hours of the morning because they have found themselves behind bars with your number in their head?..Well, if you have this is another one of those times. If that has never happened to you, then your like me, but what if it did? How would you respond? Picture this...They call you up at about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning while your sleep, first your house phone and then your cell. Your thinking, whoever this is, they must want something important. So you answer the phone to find it is a family member you haven't heard from in along time, your almost suprised they have called you. However, you can't help but realize that he/she is from the side of the family who are always going through something. Considering the time he/she chose to call you, you can't help but wonder "what is it now". They began to tell you how they need your help, and that they are in jail. They go on to say that they are being framed for fraud and their bail is $550,000 dollars. They go on to say that they talked to their lawyer and all they need is 55,000 to get out. They tell you that they have the money but, their money is tied up because of the fraud situation. They ask if you could just put it on your credit card, they will pay you back the money with interest. They also ask if you could call their dad for them. When you explain that you don't have that kind of money to put up for a bail, they want you to put up your house. They even mention that you should call the rest of the family because this is a time for everybody to stick together. So again...My question is, How far will you go to help a
family member? Or would You? Will it be $550,000...$55,000.....Your house, or would you get the family together and tell them the story he/she told you? Tell me what you think. Should family stick together no matter what the price? Leave a comment tell me what your responses would be, and why.

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Halloween costumes

Are you dressing up for Halloween??  If so what  areyou going to be?..  If you have kids, what are they going to be??  Leave a comment and let me know

My kids are going to be football players.  I visited the local thift store and found them some football jerseys and real football pants.  I just need something to resemble pads.  I read somewhere that I can attach rolled up towels to the inside of the jersey for pads.  We also have a helmet at home, but I have to find one more by tomarrow.

Another closet corrects the cry.

Potty Training Tips

I answer alot of questions about potty training since I have 3 boys. My 8 yr old is long passed that stage but I have a 3yr old who has been potty trained for about almost a year 1/2. My two year old was potty trained early(wearing underwear all day with no accidents) but he had a re-lapse. Since his relapse he has recovered thankfully and is now potty trained and wearing underwear again. However helping others through this stage is what I have resulted to doing, especially since diapers and pull-ups can become expensive. Both my younger sons were in pampers and pullups together so I understand the amount of cash dished out. For beginning potty trainers I would suggest getting the potty training kit given out by pullups. Here is a link: http://www.pull-ups.com/na/big_kid_central.aspx?WT.mc_id=PUY7  There are also sticker charts and stickers for the potty that you can order. The sticker charts are a great reward system. You can also accompany them with treats or things your child loves. The sticker decals for the potty are also a good way for the child to see the fun side of potty training. I have even used my kid's favorite stuff animal to influence potty training. Every hour R-bow (the stuffed animal) also went to go potty, and he received stickers too. If you have older children, preferrably of the same sex, recruit them to help and be on the cheer team. Remember this is a fun process and if it becomes stressful, then the child will not want to go, so keep it fun. I even do a pamper exchange ceremony to symbolize becoming a "BIG KID" I have them turn in there pampers for pullups, and pullups for what I call "Big Boy draws!" or for a girls "Big Girl Panties!" My boys got so excited about this ceremony. We always remembered to give lots of high fives, even from the big brother, which to my boys was the most important one.

Good Luck Parents. Your on your way to potty training BLISS
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Alpha Antivirus Warning

Warning to My readers.  Don't Download Alpha Antivirus to your computer.  It claims to get rid of viruses and threats on your computer but it its the threat.  Once it attaches itself to your computer, you can't remove it.  It tells you that you have all kinds of malicous threats, viruses and trojans that are made up to get you to upgrade to their program.  Its a SCAM!!!
Dont visit these sites:
  1. Mycomputerthreats15 com 
  2. Securewinupdatesv3 com
  3. Statickingdom com
  4. Windowsprotectionupdate4 com
It took me so long to figure out how to rid my computer of this crazy software.  After installing malware and spydoctor unsucessfully  decided to do a system restore which removed all traces of Alpha Anti Virus.  If you are having this problem email me or leave a comment and I'll be glad to help.
    Automatically update your drivers with Driver Robot: Click Here!

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Aiming to Please, or Not!

Family are not the easiest people to please, yet some people feel that if they don't have their family's approval that it's hard to be happy for themselves.  Picture this:  A mom who has been divorced for about six years and alone, not even dating, decides to have a romantic relationship with a guy she meet and having been going on dates with.  She has two children at home, but the rest of her children are grown. out of the house and some with families of their own.  About a week after she decides to make it official, he comes to visit.  Her oldest daughter also comes from out of town to visit as well.  So she decides to let her children that live in the area and her daughter who was visiting, meet him.  They all went to church together and out to eat.  He met one of her grown sons and her oldest daughter and another daughter.  During the time they spent with him going out to eat and to church, they saw some things that they didn't like about him.  The son noticed he went up and started having a conversation with another woman with the mother (his girlfriend) standing there but didnt think to introduce her.  The oldest daughter just thought he was totally wrong for her. That entire day went smoothly, but the conflict came when all the children were back at their homes.  The daughter decided she didn't like him and she was gonna let it be known.  She called all the brothers and sisters and discussed what she didn't like about their mother's new boyfriend.  She went on to tell them how she was embarrassed at how he was behaving during dinner at the restaurant and how she thought  he was.hiding something.  After discussing it with her siblings, she decided to call her mom and make her case.  She called her mom and told her mom that she talked to the rest of her siblings and they decided that none of them like her new boyfriend.  She went on to tell why and began insulting him and telling her she could do better that him.  Her mother disagreed but agreed she was entitled to her opinion.  The next day after learning how the daughter recruited the other siblings and spoke for them, the mother became bothered and offended.  She realized how she talk negatively about her knew boyfriend to her brothers who had not met him, causing them to get a negative perception with giving him a chance.  This angered the mother.  She wanted not to care, but it botherd her that her grown children dont approve her new boyfriend, when she wanted them so badly to like him.  When the mother became angry and expressed her feelings by asking why can't she be happy for her. The daughter responded by saying, "This is why we didn't want to tell you the truth, because you always get angry and think nobody wants you happy.  My question to you is do you think the mother needs ther grown children's approval?  Now that this has all happen she doesn't feel like she can call her daughter and talk about her relationship with her, because she won't be happy for her.  Who do you side with, the mother or the daughter?  If you're the daughter how do you tell your mom you dont think her boyfriend is right for her, or do you? One approach is to stay out of it, do you think this is  the best decision? Can you be happy for someone and concerned for them at the same time?  What should the mom do?  Tell me what you think. I was the mediator in this incident earlier this week and wanted to she what you guys thought.

Hello World


I am Charris. I am sharing my words in hopes of inspiring with others and touching lives whenever and wherever I can. From the time I was a a young child I was always asked for advice on different situations. I did my best to give advice but I was always a good listner. Only giving advice when needed but listening was important to those who reached out to me. Some people need to be just listened to. I often love to write paragraphs of inspired thoughts because I am a writer at heart. Communication is vital and we all need to be able to express ourselves. That being said, this is where I will express myself through thoughts, writing, etc. that inspire or just things I want to share with you all. I hope you enjoy and express yourself as well.


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