Potty Training Tips

I answer alot of questions about potty training since I have 3 boys. My 8 yr old is long passed that stage but I have a 3yr old who has been potty trained for about almost a year 1/2. My two year old was potty trained early(wearing underwear all day with no accidents) but he had a re-lapse. Since his relapse he has recovered thankfully and is now potty trained and wearing underwear again. However helping others through this stage is what I have resulted to doing, especially since diapers and pull-ups can become expensive. Both my younger sons were in pampers and pullups together so I understand the amount of cash dished out. For beginning potty trainers I would suggest getting the potty training kit given out by pullups. Here is a link: http://www.pull-ups.com/na/big_kid_central.aspx?WT.mc_id=PUY7  There are also sticker charts and stickers for the potty that you can order. The sticker charts are a great reward system. You can also accompany them with treats or things your child loves. The sticker decals for the potty are also a good way for the child to see the fun side of potty training. I have even used my kid's favorite stuff animal to influence potty training. Every hour R-bow (the stuffed animal) also went to go potty, and he received stickers too. If you have older children, preferrably of the same sex, recruit them to help and be on the cheer team. Remember this is a fun process and if it becomes stressful, then the child will not want to go, so keep it fun. I even do a pamper exchange ceremony to symbolize becoming a "BIG KID" I have them turn in there pampers for pullups, and pullups for what I call "Big Boy draws!" or for a girls "Big Girl Panties!" My boys got so excited about this ceremony. We always remembered to give lots of high fives, even from the big brother, which to my boys was the most important one.

Good Luck Parents. Your on your way to potty training BLISS
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