Family In Need

How far would you go to help a family member in need? Before you answer, let me first tell you that this is the side of the family who is always needing something. This particular time its something big, money perhaps....Based on those bits of information, what would be your answer???

Have you ever had a family member call you up and ask for help in the wee hours of the morning because they have found themselves behind bars with your number in their head?..Well, if you have this is another one of those times. If that has never happened to you, then your like me, but what if it did? How would you respond? Picture this...They call you up at about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning while your sleep, first your house phone and then your cell. Your thinking, whoever this is, they must want something important. So you answer the phone to find it is a family member you haven't heard from in along time, your almost suprised they have called you. However, you can't help but realize that he/she is from the side of the family who are always going through something. Considering the time he/she chose to call you, you can't help but wonder "what is it now". They began to tell you how they need your help, and that they are in jail. They go on to say that they are being framed for fraud and their bail is $550,000 dollars. They go on to say that they talked to their lawyer and all they need is 55,000 to get out. They tell you that they have the money but, their money is tied up because of the fraud situation. They ask if you could just put it on your credit card, they will pay you back the money with interest. They also ask if you could call their dad for them. When you explain that you don't have that kind of money to put up for a bail, they want you to put up your house. They even mention that you should call the rest of the family because this is a time for everybody to stick together. So again...My question is, How far will you go to help a
family member? Or would You? Will it be $550,000...$55,000.....Your house, or would you get the family together and tell them the story he/she told you? Tell me what you think. Should family stick together no matter what the price? Leave a comment tell me what your responses would be, and why.

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