Inspired by Christmas

Christmas is about 12 days away.  Some of us are in the spirit and some of us are not in the spirit.  Which is why I chose to ask you all.  What makes you get into the spirit of christmas?  Is it the lights and decorations, the generosity of others, Santas at the local mall, or the eagerness of children making their christmas list.  This year people may find it harder to get in the spirit when its been such a hard year.  That is why its even more important that we experience the wonderful feelings that the holidays bring.  This time of the year spirits are lifted and lives are touched.  What causes this feeling to overcome people this time of year?  People think of others more during christmas time than they do any other time of the year.  "The Christmas Spirit"  do you have it? When did you get it, or if not, What will it take for you to join in. 
My husband says its the snow that ushers him into the feeling of christmas.  If it doesn't snow it doesn't feel much like christmas to him.  To me its the anxiousness of my boys, and the many opportunities to be a blessing.  What is it for you?  What gives you the christmas spirit??
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I would also like to know what your favorite part of christmas is?  Mine would be the smiles on children and adults, suprises (which I love) and the closeness of the family. Share your thoughts!


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