Who Are You Proud of

Instead of telling what Inspired me today, I would like to share who I am proud of.
I would also love for you to join in by telling who your are most proud of or you can choose to tell who Inspires you.

The person I am proud of is my brother, My big brother, who has recently informed me that he is enrolling in college to take up a degree in computers, much like I did.  I never thought my big brother would follow in my footsteps, but I think its more of him finding his own footsteps.  Nevertheless, I am PROUD of him.  PROUD of my BIG BRO.  I wish him much success and many more proud moments.

Now its your turn:  Share with me and others who you are proud of or better yet, who inspires you.  Choose one or you can do both.  Looking forward to hearing your comments.  So share some love for the people who touch your life.

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ashleymoss said...

That is really sweet!!

I'm really proud of my husband because he decided on a route to get a better job. He's doing great back at school and I'm glad he decided to do it!

Charris said...

awesome asheley. Good luck to your husband. You guys have a very cute story by the way.

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