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She Is
 confident where it count, She shines where it matters.
Those who love her the most see her as a model of perfection.
Although she's not perfect, and she'll be the first to say;
They see her a such, because they wouldn't change a thing about her and
They thank God she wasn't made any other way.
She has Admirable qualities, Inspiring habites, Brainstorming Power and Problem Solving Brillance
She's Professional, She's Loving, Caring and Strong.

She is.....MOM


GapGirl said...

Thank you for your sweet comments and for stopping by!

Ramon Wickham said...

I like it 'supermom'.. has that 'superhero' feel to it.

&&Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, I'll be posting pics of my little sister & I think you'll love it!

Amy Jo said...

Charris - Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for your prayers. You are SO right - the delays make the reward so much sweeter. :-) Praying His mighty and abundant blessings upon YOU!!!

Just Me said...

This is a wonderful poem!

Carla said...

Wow! You're JUST described me! =)

Carla said...


tiaralynn said...

haha, i like that!

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