What Inspired Me Today

Today I was Inspired by my oldest son who is 9 years old. 
 He Inspired me because he stood up for himself with no help from me or my husband.  Here is the situation:
ok, he came home yesterday with a newsletter from his teacher that is sent home to parents every week.  While I was reading the news letter I noticed a section that talked about a music concert that will feature the students playing musical instruments.  Now keep in mind that he has been excited about this concert for a couple of weeks now, because he says he's going to be playing the keyboard.  He has broadcast this to me and my husband and also his Grandma.  However when I read the news letter, I noticed that his name was not included in the group of students who were going to play instruments.  I mentioned to him that his name was not included and he was instantly bothered by the news and couldn't seem to shake the dissappointment of thinking he was suppose to be on that list.  I initially told him to let it go because I also noticed that the news letter stated that the students voted on who was going to play.  So I didn't want him to get upset that his peers hadn't voted for him.  Despite what I had told him, he didn't see that as being the case.  He also noticed upon further investigation of the newsletter that everyone mentioned was apart of his group except one name, which seemed to be replacing his, with a name of a student from another group.  All of his group members were chosen except him.  He obviously couldn't except this because he thought he had done well on the keyboard and he should be the one playing.  So this morning he asked me for the newsletter (as evidence, I guess) to take along to school with him to ask his teacher.  I was wondering how this would turn out for him.  As he came home this afternoon from school he told me he had asked his teacher why his name was not on the list and his teacher informed him that is was a mistake. The teacher said he was trying to think of names off the top of his head and put the wrong name.  So he was right.  Despite me telling him to let it go he needed an explanation and was intended to get one.  I was proud of him.  Eventhough it was only a mistake, him and I both are glad he said something.  He didn't like being overlooked, it bothered him.  I am most proud of the fact that something bothered him, so he did something about it.  Regardless of me telling him to let it go, It was a big deal to him.
"If you don't like it, try to fix it!"  He has taught me something because he could have just complained, but he did something about it.  Proud of my Boy!

Now its your turn.  Share what inspired you for the day, week, or month.  If you can't think of anything, share what things inspire you the most.


Just Me said...

Thanks so much for the comment and for following!My girls inspire me to be a better momma and woman who loves Jesus more every day!

Charris said...

Thanks Stephanie for your comment. It's amazing how much our kids can inspire us.

Shanice said...

It's good that your son stood up for himself, and did not let the situation go. It looks like you and your husband are raising him to be a strong young man, and that is a good thing!

I would have to say that my mother inspires me the most. She is an amazingly strong woman, and she takes care of everyone despite the fact that a lot of people don't appreciate her or even stop to give her a simple "Thank you".

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