Mother's story to her daughter

My mother told me on New Years day that her goal for this year was to write a book to me.  She said starting on January 1st, 2010 she would began writing.  She explained that she would be writing about her life and experiences starting from the age of 16.  She thought this would give me an insight into her life and who she REALLY IS.  She said that with this book, no one will be able to tell me who my mother was when she's gone, because I would already know.  She would have told me her story in her own words. 
I was excited at the opportunity to read about my mother's life and to read about things she may not have told me before.  I was also honored that she would think of such a special project just for me (her only daughter).  I can't wait to get possession of the book.  She said it was placed on her heart to do this for me, as the new year approached.  It made me want to do something special for my kids.  I would love the opportunity to do a project like this one day if I am blessed with a little girl (not forseeing that in my near future).  I have 3 boys, no girls so maybe in the future. 
To all the Moms who do have little girls (princesses) this would be a wonderful idea for you and your daughter.  In the meantime I have to think of something special to do for my boys.  If anyone has suggestions, I am open to them.  Leave a comment. 


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