Change, Accomplish and Conquer

Inspired by the spirit on the new year and the notion that we can start fresh. I would like to pose  3 topics to (you) the readers to comment on and have an opportunity to give your input.

Three Topics
1. Something to Change
2. Something To Accomplish
3. Something to Conquer

 What are some things you would like to CHANGE, ACCOMPLISH, and CONQUER.

*I would like to change my outlook on life and my perception.
*I would like to accomplish my dream of becoming a writer, not just any writer, but a successful one
*I would like to conquer fear, that is what holds me back from realizing and pursuing life to the max


Viviana said...

Very good New Year Resolutions, Charris! I'm sharing Friendship Blog Award with you. Check out from my blog. Thanks


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