Fantasia Barrino The Movie

So yesterday me and my hubby were watching some movies on Charter Demand.  We came across Fantasia Barrino the movie, that aired on LMN.  I had never seen or heard her story before.  I had no idea that she had been through so much at a young age.  I thought it was bold of her to tell her story; but what I was most intrigued by was the way she was ushered in to "The American Idol." An accomplishment that almost never happened. Watching the movie you could see that she had so many opportunities to quit, give up and just walk away.  Life circumstances were just beating her up.  However it seemed as if her story was laid out before her and all she had to do was keep moving.  I had not realized that the dream she is walking out was a dream passed down from her grandmother and her mother.  For them it was a dream not fulfilled. It is also a dream shared by her brothers, but she is the one at the forefront of it all.  It's amazing how the gift of your talents and abilities can elevate you so far into your dreams.  For those of you who may have an opportunity to watch it, I'm trying not to give it away.  To those of you who have seen it and didn't get much positive from it, I encourage you to watch it again.  Sometimes the negative side, makes the positive side look much sweeter.  My husband and I always watch movies with an open eye to the deeper meaning and message in them.  Try it, movies are more entertaining this way.


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