Turn your pre-owned electronics and giftcards into cash

2009 was a big year for people cashing in on the rise of gold prices. Many people took advantage of cashing in on their own gold jewelry in exchange for a pocket of cash. 

Based on an article I read today called "Fiscal Fitness:Get Cash for Your Castoffs",by Dayana Yochim, Gold is not the only thing that we can cash in on
Do you have old electronics, unused up gift cards, gadgets, unused airline miles, collectibles,etc. then you can take those old or unused items and turn them into money.
Many of us have so many things in our closets, actics, drawers, garages, etc.  Things we dont even know we have.  It may not be spring yet, but we can do some winter cleaning and make some extra cash in the process.  The article mentioned many sites that allow you to trade any these usused items here are a few:
*Gazelle.com- buys pre-owned cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, camcorders and other electronics.  You may receive a check , payment via PayPal, or a gift card. 
(the article listed an iPhone 3G *GB going for $103, and a Samsung Solsice SGH-A887 earned the seller $116)
*BuyMyTronics.com- this site allows you to see the offer price before hand, by allowing you to enter information about the condition of the trade and accessories that you have to go with it. There are a number of things they offer.  Anything from PDA's, apple software to ebook readers
*Flipswap.com- allows you to recycle your used cell phone for cash.  You may even donate the earnings to a charity of your choice, or trade in for credit at stores that sell cell phones.  The article list the average price for blackberrys is $160 and $220 for iPhones. It even list the old Samsung Blackjack at $41 and the Motoralla RAZR around $20.  Where else can you get this much value for old used phones.
*Giftcardbuyback.com-Aution or sell outright your gift card
*Swapagift.com- swap gift card for something better(also checkout Plasticjungle.com, girtcardrescue.com and monstergiftcard.com)- dont expect face value, cards from popular retailers have higher value. Some sites charge flat fees and some may require the card to have at $10
*Points.com- swap share or redeem unused airline miles or points
*Swap Lease.com and Leasetrader.com- If you have a car lease you no longer can afford or no longer want it matches people with others who can takeover their lease. (a matchmaker for your car) This is amazing, didn't know this exsisted
It also mentions that Costcos has a program with Gazelle.com to offer members a chance to recycle their electronics in exchange for grocery money that will be deposited on their Costco card.
 Many of us who have sons who love video games, already know about Game Stop and EBgames trade in stores.  However I did not know about Radio Shack or Gamefly.com.

Moms also don't forget about the consigment shops when it comes to cleaning out children's clothes, toys, strollers, etc. You can make a little of your money back.
If you know anymore that I didn't mention, leave a comment and let me know of any you can think of

For more sites that you can take advantage of or to read the entire article click the link below:


Shanice said...

OMG this is a great idea! I have so many old electronics laying around the house, and I am definitely going to look into this. Great post!

And thank you for all the comments on my blog, btw. :)

Shannon said...

Gosh darnit. All I have are broken electronics LOL

Charris said...

lol, thx Shanice and Shannon for your comments, hope to see you back

Kristine said...

Wow, thank you for this post! We have a lot of old cell phones and electronics in the house. I have to check this out for sure! Thanks!

Charris said...

Thanx for commenting Kristine. Can't wait to see what new project you take on next. You inspire me to be a WAHM

raj mangal said...

Wow, acknowledge you for this post! We accept a lot of old corpuscle phones and electronics in the house. I accept to analysis this out for sure! Thanks! Electronics for sale ads

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