Valentines Day is Approaching

Valentines Day is quickly approaching so I thought that a valentines day post was only appropriate.  Most of the friends I spoke with have plans for dinner but I thought I would ask you all what your plans are. This also an opportunity for you to share some valentines day ideas with others. So here are the questions I have for you:
What do you like to receive for Valentines Day? Are you the flower type or do you like Chocoloates/Candy, or Dinner at a nice restaurant?  Or do you like all three? Share some of the things you would like to do for valentines day, or ideas you want to share with others.  Is Valentines Day plans left up to you or is it something you let your mate plan for you?
Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Valentines Day
Ladies, Do you get your Husband/boyfriend a gift for Valentine day
Yes, I do
No, Valentines Day is for Women
Only a Card
Doesn't Apply
Please Specify:
Can't Wait to hear your thoughts and ideas on Valentines Day.
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Rebecca Watson said...

Valentines day is a day for us to relax! We are constantly an on-the-go couple who seems so busy all the time! So, we are going to enjoy the day relaxing and cooking a lovely dinner together! :)

Charris said...

That actually sounds very intimate Rebecca. You and your husband have a wonderful relaxing Valentines Day!

Katy Mary said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! You are such a sweet heart. I love your little poll! My Fiance and I did cards & gifts last year but this year we decided to just go out for a super nice meal!

Charris said...

sounds good Katy Mary

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