Beat England!! Beat Algeria! Beat Ghana!!!!!

Update: Way to Go USA!! what a game between Algeria.  That was crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to close the game Landon Donovan #10
 I was inspired by the USA team and their never give up spirit that they carried all the way to the very end of the Algeria game this morning (seriously. the VERY END! but its ok boys).  I was so proud of them and most of all proud to be an american.  They didn't quit but they kept competing until they got what they came for,
 A Chance of a Lifetime.  Way to go boys!

If you watched the game you know what I mean.  If not check out the next one against Ghana saturday
 I must say though, it is both irritating and exciting watching them play, because they always give nail bitting performances.

Lets go USA soccer!!!!!!!!!!!  Beat England!!!!!!!!!! Join me in cheering on our usa soccer team tomarrow at 2:30PM est. on ABC

I cheered for South Africa this morning.   The atmosphere over there seem so electric. Way to go South Africa
I'm also praying for the Mandela family, what a tragedy.


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I love soccer. The games are just exciting. I just don't really have time to watch these games. I hope your favorite team wins.

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