It's Our Anniversay!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone!
I have been pretty busy lately and I haven't had much time to blog this past week.  Today, 
March 16th (3-16) is Me and my Husband's 6th year Anniversay!!!!!!!!!  We have been together since 1999 (so I guess thats about 11years wow).  We are highschool sweethearts so eventhough its 6th years it feels like much longer. We are truly bestfriends, I can tell him anything.
We celebrated this weekend by getting away and enjoying each others company minus our 3 boys who stayed with grandma (thanks mom). We had a wonderful time doing things we love to do together.  We laughed alot which we do often. He cracks me up! We also re -did our first date, which was going to see a movie. Our first date we were 17 & 18, we went to see a movie, but because we forgot our I.D's we had to see Toy story lol, this time we saw a grown -up movie!  We still joke about that to this day.
Our anniversary Dinner was also wonderful, we went to a new restaurant that we wanted to try which I'm sure we will re-visit. I realized after our weekend getaway that we need to get away more often.  We always have fun with our kids, but we have so much fun together.

My mothers anniversary is comming up this sunday and I would like to wish her and her husband a Happy Anniversary!

first necklace                                                        earrings
                                      Second Necklace                                           
Here are my gifts! I mentioned to my husband that I wanted a heart charm necklace and he bought me two. I received one over the weekend and the other he gave me today with a matching pair of earrings. I am so into heart charms, I think they are beautiful.


Just Me said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Charris said...

Thanks Steph!

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