Update: My official due date is now July 23, 2012. It has gone up a day.

I am Expecting!!
Expecting a child that is.
This is my 4th child and I am just as excited as the first because I m hoping for a GIRL!
I already have 3 wonderful boys and I am totally out numbered.  My husband and I would be delighted to have a little GIRL.  That would be the best gift ever.

I have not received the official due date yet, because considering the fact that my life was so busy when I conceived with moving, I don't remember my period.  So my unofficial due date is July 22, 2012. When I have an ultrasound measurement at the doctor, then I will have a more accurate prediction.

Telling my boys:
My boys reactions were so weird. My oldest who is 11, didn't seem excited, he just kept saying really? another one? My youngest two who are 4 and 5 thought it was a joke. They just kept saying if your having a baby, why isn't your stomach big?

The crazy thing is, I knew I was pregnant before I took a test or even missed a period.  For some reason I just knew.

This makes me realize how blessed and fertile I am, considering others try so hard and go through so much to have one.

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