Casey Anthony Trial!?!

Everybody seems to have an opinion about this trial, the family and everything associated with it!  What is your opinion on this tial? Do you agree with the verdict or dont you? What do you feel will happen next with her and do you feel like she will go on to book and movie deals.  Or are you fed up with everything about this trial and will be ok if you never here another word about Casey Anthony?
I would like your opinion and want to know what you think.
There are people very passionate about the verdict and the case.
I think everyone can agree that everything about this case is weird and out of the ordinary starting with a child missing for 2 months without a report.
Also how do you feel about "Caylee's Law" trying to be but in action.

Leave a comment,
Let me know how you feel!
Please dont leave any comment with foul language.


Tiffany said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven't been posting much lately, alot going on in my family but things are starting to get back on track.

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