Praying for the victims of the Penn State scandal

I have to turn the channel sometimes when I watch the reports of what happened at Penn state this last week.  Especially the Jerry Sandusky interview, which only made me angry. I couldn't believe the things that he is accused of doing. The descriptions of his actions with young boys coupled with his excuses and admittance of showering and horsing around with young boys made me so mad for the victims in this case. I could not imagine how those of them who saw that interview felt.  As a mother of three young boys it angered me that this actually happened, on  a university campus, and that these were young boys who were part of a youth organization that he was over.  This was a man that these boys and their parents trusted.  That violation of trust is big in my eyes.  I felt that officials at the Penn State University and any police officers that may have been made aware of these allegations dropped the ball and have failed those boys. I couldn't believe the coverage surrounding whether the game was going to go on smoothly or not. Really? The game??! The students shown on television rioting should have been outraged that this type of thing happened on their campus.  I feel bad for the senior on the football team, and even the students who have been thrown in middle of this scandal, but make no mistake, the victims is this case is where my heart lies.
Everybody should have done more, anybody who knew, had suspicions or witnessed things should have stopped at nothing to see justice for the victims involved.
If it were their kids they would have gone to the end of the earth to see something done.
Because I have young boys, to me this is devastating that nothing was done.

I commend the victims who have come forward to claim their justice. Good for you!!  more people need to come forward instead of look the other way.
I am sick of seeing our kids and adults messed up or going through issues because of the things that these sick coward sexual abusers  are doing or have done to them.

Join me in prayer for the victims and their families .
We have to protect our children from these predators.


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