I need help on choosing a gift

Ok you all, I need some help!

Has anyone ever heard of the Mack Granite toy trucks made by Bruder?  My youngest son is turning three in May so my husband and I are looking at getting him one of these trucks.  I discovered them around christmas time and thought they would be perfect for him.  He looooves trucks!!  He wakes up out of his sleep anytime he hears a truck.  He has the sound of the garbage truck down pack. He even loves school buses.  "Anything big that makes noise I guess!"  I read some reviews on the Mack Granite Dump Truck and some were good but I did see some that said it wasn't durable.  It looks like a sturdy truck, but I don't want it to start breaking off pieces, he would probably have a fit, he doesn't like things broken. He has a plastic flimsy truck he got the other day that he takes good care of so I'm sure he wont tear it up; his brother is a different story,we'll have to keep it away from him!

These trucks look very real and I think he would love them. If you have bought these for a child or know someone who has, let me know what your experience was.  They look like steel or metal but some reviews said my favorite one(the red and yellow dump truck) was plastic.

My 3yr old also like to simulate cooking.  He always ask me for a pot and a spoon and he uses puzzle pieces as imaginary food. However my husband refuses to buy him anything that resembles a kitchen set so my question is: Is there any type of Chef toy set that we could get him that would be good for a little boy? Be sure to let me know if you are aware of anything like this or if you come across anything. I would appreciate it.


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