IPAD, i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I dont have an I- anything, but this one I want.  I have a blackberry so I passed on the iphone, eventhough the comericals are doing a good job of telling me all the things it does that my blackberry doesn't.  I wanted a ipod touch mainly b/c of the internet; but this is much better. I am a techie and gadgets are always catching my eye, so when I saw this I thought, "This is so me". I love my laptop, but this is nice.  I always wanted a touch screen something.  I even was thinking about getting one of those amazon kindle digital book reader things, but this is much better. This would make blogging even better.  I would have so much fun.  I wouldn't put it down for hours.  If you own one of these, aren't you lucky.


Rebecca Watson said...

hey darling- i want an IPAD TOO! Im seriously thinking about asking for one! They are super super cool! have a great day!

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