My new Toy is on the Way

So I am definitely a Techie Gadget Girl! I love all gadget -toys and everything techie (if that's even a word). Cellphones, or better yet Smartphones are like the best little invention ever.  Who ever thought of making these little things do so much is genius. The person or people who created apps, genius x2.
I love apps, apps and more apps....
However this post is about my new Toy on its way that I can't wait to play with.
[Drum role please.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::]


The New Motorola Droid RAZR.
This is officially my first Droid cellphone.  I currently have an HTC EVO and I was once a Blackberry curve girl. But now I am officially part of the droid clan.
Simply Gorgeous Right??
This is hands down the best looking phone out there.  Yes, better than the iPhone! although the iPhone is sleek as well, but this is beautiful.  The chrome lining on the side and the beautiful crisp screen and the wide face and thin frame. This is one high tech looking phone.
Its regular $299.99, yes $300 bucks, but you wouldn't believe the deal I got on this one, I definitely didn't pay $300

My husband also got a pretty sweet phone as well, he ordered the new HTC Rezound with the Beats Audio by Dr. Dre technology built in and also the beats audio headphones included.  How sweet is that?
Here is his phone

We also got a unbelievable deal on his phone as well
The headphones pouch is "too cute"

Does anybody have either of these phones? We have not recieved them yet, our shipment arrives thursday, if so let me know how you like them.


Crystal said...

Thanx for stopping by my blog. I would have sent reply email but you are "no reply blogger" so I can't. First, I love my Droid. I just wish it had face time like the iPhone (and the only reason I would use that is because hubby is would be a nice feature right now). I have 4 boys...not sure what number 5 is! Hubster would really like a girl!! We'll see...I'm due Christmas day!! Congrats on kiddo exciting!!

Stephanie M. Page said...

So fun Charis! I have a Samsung google phone. LOVE IT. ;) I also think the people who came up with smart phones are well, for lack of a better word...very smart. hahahah!

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