Two types of Pain

I was inspired today by a made show on MTV (who would of thought!).  Taking the advice of my dear husband who likes to find the revelation in every tv and movie he watches.  So amazingly I did! It was a show about a highschool cheerleading squad wanting to get made over into a cheerleading squad worthy of respect from their peers. As a result they would be given the opportunity to try out for a spot to perform at the half-time of the bowl game.  This was a very big deal for them, no sports team at their school had the opportunity to perform out of state, less known a bowl game.
Throughout this episode the girls had worked extremely hard and overcome many obstacles that included losing two teamates due to them quitting.  They had a tryout for boys to add more power to their stunts.  They picked four boys and one of the boys had to quit. They had finally began to come together and gel as a team and performers.  They even began to recognize how far they had come themselves.  In return they began to slack off and goof off, during important practice time. After their made coach informed them of her dislike for their behavior, she decided if they were gonna act that way it could be their last practice.  So the captain walked out, and all the girls followed.  Only the guys were willing to stay.  So one of the guys went outside to talk with the girls and encourage them to come back in.  This is the part of the episode that inspired me.  He encouraged them and rallied them like an adult would.  He told them how this was an opportunity of a life time and they had already come so far, to just throw it away.  He told them, "There are two types of pain, Pain of Discipline and Pain of regret." He explained to them how what they were feeling, that made them want to quit and walk out on the team, and everything they have felt up to that point was pain of discipline.  Then he explained that if they didn't go back in that they would experience the latter, pain of regret.  He told them how the pain of regret is alot worse.  He rallied them back into spirits and they all went back in including the captain.  I thought this was quite inspiring considering that he was one of the new guys who just joined.  He had worked very hard up to that point, but he also witnessed the time and effort of the girls, and they had gained his respect.
So what I want to say to you all is this:

 when you are ready to give up and quit on your goals and things in your life that seem to be getting the best of you, just think about the two types of pain.  You can either have the pain of discipline or the pain of regret! You pick.  The pain of discipline always makes you better and stronger in the end; the pain of regret is intended to keep you from going forward.

That speaks to me on many different levels and I plan on using it to motivate myself through hard time like  when it come to working out  LoL! Join me in adding this to the list of your motivations for life.  Feel free to share some personal motivations you may use yourself. 

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Oh yeah, and they went on to try out for the bowl game and won the spot and perform their little buts off.  It was very exciting for them and they gained plenty of memories and respect.

Handling each day

The best way to handle everday is to make each day important so that you may gain a heart of wisdom from each day.

Inspired to Know Myself (Re-post)

    We often come to a point in our lives where we want to know what our purpose is and what were we meant to do in life. You see people who find that niche that works for them, and those who have found things that they really soar at. Some examples are professional athletes, really good actors, singers, etc. Even those who are good at numbers, or lawyers and doctors who are the best in their field; but what is your area? What are you good at? What area are you gifted to soar in, and how do you find it?
Well, finding this particular thing out about yourself can be a process, and for some it can take many years of trying all kinds of things and not being able to find what is the right fit for you.

Here are some questions that came help you along the way. Before you can figure out what you are suppose to do, and what you are good at, you must find out who you are and what your like:

1. What is UNIQUE about me?
2. What makes Me, Me?
3. What Moves Me?
4. What causes me to get CREATIVE?
5. What is the BEST thing about me?

YOU MUST KNOW WHO YOU ARE TO KNOW WHERE YOUR GOING. Often times we don't know much about ourselves, we don't even know our own makeup. Our love ones know more about us than we know about ourselves. Get connected to yourself and learn what it is you really want out of life.

IPAD, i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I dont have an I- anything, but this one I want.  I have a blackberry so I passed on the iphone, eventhough the comericals are doing a good job of telling me all the things it does that my blackberry doesn't.  I wanted a ipod touch mainly b/c of the internet; but this is much better. I am a techie and gadgets are always catching my eye, so when I saw this I thought, "This is so me". I love my laptop, but this is nice.  I always wanted a touch screen something.  I even was thinking about getting one of those amazon kindle digital book reader things, but this is much better. This would make blogging even better.  I would have so much fun.  I wouldn't put it down for hours.  If you own one of these, aren't you lucky.

I need help on choosing a gift

Ok you all, I need some help!

Has anyone ever heard of the Mack Granite toy trucks made by Bruder?  My youngest son is turning three in May so my husband and I are looking at getting him one of these trucks.  I discovered them around christmas time and thought they would be perfect for him.  He looooves trucks!!  He wakes up out of his sleep anytime he hears a truck.  He has the sound of the garbage truck down pack. He even loves school buses.  "Anything big that makes noise I guess!"  I read some reviews on the Mack Granite Dump Truck and some were good but I did see some that said it wasn't durable.  It looks like a sturdy truck, but I don't want it to start breaking off pieces, he would probably have a fit, he doesn't like things broken. He has a plastic flimsy truck he got the other day that he takes good care of so I'm sure he wont tear it up; his brother is a different story,we'll have to keep it away from him!

These trucks look very real and I think he would love them. If you have bought these for a child or know someone who has, let me know what your experience was.  They look like steel or metal but some reviews said my favorite one(the red and yellow dump truck) was plastic.

My 3yr old also like to simulate cooking.  He always ask me for a pot and a spoon and he uses puzzle pieces as imaginary food. However my husband refuses to buy him anything that resembles a kitchen set so my question is: Is there any type of Chef toy set that we could get him that would be good for a little boy? Be sure to let me know if you are aware of anything like this or if you come across anything. I would appreciate it.

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