Gonna Miss Whitney!!

I was so sad to here about Whitney Houston who I have always adored from the time I was only a kid.  This weekend hearing all of her old school songs just took me back to my childhood.  I remember my family riding in the car listening to her whole album looking a big houses, which we loved to do.  Her songs made me remember those car rides like yesterday.  I could see my brother and I in the back singing word for word.  We listen to her songs so much that we memorized them.  Those were happy times when my parents were still togther and seemed happy.  People always talk about the trouble she went through in her life, but that is not the Whitney that I grew up adoring, so that phase never tarnished her image in my eyes. 
My husband has always adored Whitney as well.  From the time I met him he has expressed how Whitney Houston is the best singer of all time. We felt like we knew here. When I told him the news all my husband could say is "NOoo!" Especially since Whitney Houston reminds us in some strange way of his mother.

Her songs make me smile because it takes me to a happy time in my life, but her passing makes me so sad.  I pray for her family especially her daughter, I can't imagine how she feels.


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