Im A Fan

I am officially a Fan of Jeremy Lin #17 of the New York Nicks and LIN-SANITY!!
I have a soft spot for the underdog stories and this is definitely one that I love.  It's something about being denied the opportunity to do something, or be something and then stepping right into the opportunity of a lifetime.  A "Nobody" in some peoples eyes, is suddenly a "Somebody". However I would argue he was always a somebody, it just took everybody else to long to figure it out. He's also Harvard educated and the part I love is he is Christian. He gets my vote! I love the fact that he give Asians something to cheer about and be proud of. However I could care less what his race is, I love his story and what he stands for.

BTW I am a fan of New York Giants Victory Cruz and his underdog story as well.  However I am a bigger fan of his "Salsa Dance"


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