Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

This will be the 12th Valentines Day My husband and I will spend together.
I have a tradition that I carried on from my relationship with my dad.  My dad always surprised me with something for valentines day all the way up until I went to college.  It was almost as if he passed that responsibility on to my husband, who I met in highschool.  Whether it was balloons, flowers, candy, bears or all of the above, my dad always had something for me.  At one point in my senior year of highschool I had flowers, balloons, candy and a bear delivered to me from both my husband(who was my boyfriend at the time) and my dad. My dad was like" Hey who got you that othe stuff"!
So now that I am a mom of all boys, I love that tradition that my dad started, because I remember how special it made me feel. So I always make sure to get my 3 boys a valentine gift.
I am pregnant and hoping for a girl, and if I blessed with a girl, my husband will have to start that tradition with her, I insist. He can teach her how she should be treated.  Much like my dad did for me.


Tami said...

More dads (and moms) should teach their daughters how they should expect to be treated. And teach their sons how to treat the women in their lives. Big part of parenting!

I still remember a heart shaped box of chocolates my mom had waiting at the breakfast table for me one year. One of my favorite Valentine memories.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the encouraging words on my "revolution". By the way, the reading goal becomes easier when the kids are all out of the house.

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