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The Ultrasound Results:Drum rolls please.......

I Am Over the Moon!!
I thought I would be doing flips the moment I found out, but I was so emotionally drained all I could do was smile [a big smile of course]. My 4 year old was telling the ultrasound tech the whole time that it was his baby sister in there. My husband came late and I wanted so bad to play with him and make him think it was another boy, but all the nurses were standing there waiting for me to tell him. When  I told him, he just shouted YES!!! I just laughed at him. He seemed so nervous when he walked in. Later on that night he went to play basketball and came back super excited as if it just sank in that he was gonna finally get his little princess. He just kept sighing and saying "A baby girl, wow!" 
My oldest son started jumping up and down saying "Yes!" My two youngest  sons act as if they knew the whole time, they just wanna know when she's gonna get here.
We have been praying for a girl for years and each time we got amazing boys. I have always knew that I was suppose to have a girl, but I have gotten discouraged at times. I didn't even want to try anymore, and we were not trying. However I always felt as if this was the one. I knew I was pregnant before I actually found out, I'm not sure how. I felt like this was a girl from the beginning, but considering the past I prepared myself but still kept the faith.  I even bought pink stuff because I couldn't resist. Now it's a reality!!
It hasn't fully sank in yet that I actually get to buy all the pretty pink and purple things I admire in the stores. I have also never had a summer baby either.  The ultrasound tech told me that the odds of me having a girl after 3 boys is very small. I could only thank God.
I just feel very blessed right now.
God has perfect timing and he is always faithful

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Tomorrow is the big day!!
 I find out whether this" little one" floating around in my stomach is a boy or a girl. Still hoping for my first girl.
I was nervous and anxious for 3 weeks straight, but now that it's tomorrow, I am calm.  I guess it's because I have come to grips with the fact that god has made his decision on the sex a long time ago, so the baby is, what it is!
I am excited to finally narrow done colors of baby items. I have never had the luxury of buying pink things so I would be ecstatic to buy anything pink and purple. Girls stuff is always better anyway in my opinion. 
I am getting calls and texts from both family and friends anxious to know whether I will finally have a girl after 3 boys. I just hope I will be able to say it's a girl.
That would finally be nice.
I've been down this road so many times with each of my boys.  We always hoped for a girl and end up getting a boy (which turned out to be great) but very nerve recking.  It has always been a boy, so if they tell me a girl, I might be so overcome with emotion I will want to cry (good tears of course). If it's a boy I will be excited as well. A mom with all boys is and still will be, so unique.  My oldest asked me the other day would I be excited if I had another boy, I told him "of course." Any baby is a blessing.
 It is a blessing just to be a mom again. There are so many people who can't even have children, yet God has blessed me with a fourth child. Looking forward to sharing the good news.

   Children are a gift from God; they are his reward  
-Psalm 127:3

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How many kids is enough kids

Many people have their own ideas of how many kids they should have, and also how many kids is considered enough kids.  People also have their own ideas on the amount of kids others should have.  Some people believe two or three is enough. (I know alot of people who believe that)  This day in age it doesn't seem attractive to have alot of children, but back in the day it was a good thing.  In many families your grandmother or great grandmother had anywhere from 5-12 kids.  I feel like these days when you go over the two mark, people want you to slow down.  At three they want to cap you off.  When you go for four, the response is like "What are you doing!"

Have you ever watched TLC's reality show 19 kids and counting? Imagine what there family and friends thought. 
It seems like your first kid, people are always excited; the second one they are equally excited because they are usually hoping for the opposite sex.  By the third it's like "Oh, ok another one, that's nice". By the fourth  child the reactions get weird. Some are positive, some are a little odd. The excitment from the first child, is definitely not there.

I have also heard people say that it is selfish to have so many kids when they are few resources in the world. I personally think that is a ridiculous comment.

As I said before I have 3 children and I am pregnant with my fourth, and I have gotten different reactions starting with the pregnancy of the 3rd.  Especially since my second and third are 15 months apart. I personally feel if you are not raising my children, caring for them in any way then it shouldn't concern you.  I am married and have been for a while and I feel as if there is nothing wrong with a big family. My mom had me and my brother, so I don't think she thinks you should go over 3 for sure. My husband has about 13 brothers and sisters so I have seen both sides.

I never thought I would have 4, however I have 3 boys and have been trying for a girl so that's really how I got to #4.

What are your thoughts?? Leave a comment and let me know your take on it all and how many kids you have if any.

Praying for the victim's families in Ohio shooting

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Im A Fan

I am officially a Fan of Jeremy Lin #17 of the New York Nicks and LIN-SANITY!!
I have a soft spot for the underdog stories and this is definitely one that I love.  It's something about being denied the opportunity to do something, or be something and then stepping right into the opportunity of a lifetime.  A "Nobody" in some peoples eyes, is suddenly a "Somebody". However I would argue he was always a somebody, it just took everybody else to long to figure it out. He's also Harvard educated and the part I love is he is Christian. He gets my vote! I love the fact that he give Asians something to cheer about and be proud of. However I could care less what his race is, I love his story and what he stands for.

BTW I am a fan of New York Giants Victory Cruz and his underdog story as well.  However I am a bigger fan of his "Salsa Dance"

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

This will be the 12th Valentines Day My husband and I will spend together.
I have a tradition that I carried on from my relationship with my dad.  My dad always surprised me with something for valentines day all the way up until I went to college.  It was almost as if he passed that responsibility on to my husband, who I met in highschool.  Whether it was balloons, flowers, candy, bears or all of the above, my dad always had something for me.  At one point in my senior year of highschool I had flowers, balloons, candy and a bear delivered to me from both my husband(who was my boyfriend at the time) and my dad. My dad was like" Hey who got you that othe stuff"!
So now that I am a mom of all boys, I love that tradition that my dad started, because I remember how special it made me feel. So I always make sure to get my 3 boys a valentine gift.
I am pregnant and hoping for a girl, and if I blessed with a girl, my husband will have to start that tradition with her, I insist. He can teach her how she should be treated.  Much like my dad did for me.

Gonna Miss Whitney!!

I was so sad to here about Whitney Houston who I have always adored from the time I was only a kid.  This weekend hearing all of her old school songs just took me back to my childhood.  I remember my family riding in the car listening to her whole album looking a big houses, which we loved to do.  Her songs made me remember those car rides like yesterday.  I could see my brother and I in the back singing word for word.  We listen to her songs so much that we memorized them.  Those were happy times when my parents were still togther and seemed happy.  People always talk about the trouble she went through in her life, but that is not the Whitney that I grew up adoring, so that phase never tarnished her image in my eyes. 
My husband has always adored Whitney as well.  From the time I met him he has expressed how Whitney Houston is the best singer of all time. We felt like we knew here. When I told him the news all my husband could say is "NOoo!" Especially since Whitney Houston reminds us in some strange way of his mother.

Her songs make me smile because it takes me to a happy time in my life, but her passing makes me so sad.  I pray for her family especially her daughter, I can't imagine how she feels.

Update: My official due date is now July 23, 2012. It has gone up a day.

I am Expecting!!
Expecting a child that is.
This is my 4th child and I am just as excited as the first because I m hoping for a GIRL!
I already have 3 wonderful boys and I am totally out numbered.  My husband and I would be delighted to have a little GIRL.  That would be the best gift ever.

I have not received the official due date yet, because considering the fact that my life was so busy when I conceived with moving, I don't remember my period.  So my unofficial due date is July 22, 2012. When I have an ultrasound measurement at the doctor, then I will have a more accurate prediction.

Telling my boys:
My boys reactions were so weird. My oldest who is 11, didn't seem excited, he just kept saying really? another one? My youngest two who are 4 and 5 thought it was a joke. They just kept saying if your having a baby, why isn't your stomach big?

The crazy thing is, I knew I was pregnant before I took a test or even missed a period.  For some reason I just knew.

This makes me realize how blessed and fertile I am, considering others try so hard and go through so much to have one.

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