Inspired writing: Finding my way

This is an Inspired Writing entitled "Finding my way"
Hope you enjoy.

        My eyes are like the windows to the world. They allow me to be able to see so much.  Sometimes the perceptions that are received can be influential, informative or even deceptive.  Sometimes your eyes see more than your mind can comprehend at one time.  Somedays you aren't even aware of what you see until a thought is triggered by your mind.  It's like your way of recalling it.  Often times I see so much that a number of different emothions start to run ramped in my mind.  I can be encouraged, suprised, delighted, motivated, and depressed all at the same time by what I see from day to day.  Somedays I am unsure of my starting point.  I know what I want my intended end to be, but how do I get there?  I see it in my mind but it is not yet a reality.  The lord must work on me because my confusion grips holds on me and over me.  I pray for knowledge to search, find a free myself from this silent hinderance I am experencing.  Could I want to much?  Could my dreams clash one another?  I have so many mini versions of my dream, could they some how contradict each other?  What is truth and evident and real? How do I find it? That one thing for me must come.  I have to feel it, grasp it, believe it.  It's me of me, from me for me.  It has to be near because far doesn't seem within the logic.  I feel like streams of information flows in and out of my head on a daily basis, not allowing me to comprehend their meaning.  God is in control and I just want to be a partner in his endeavers.  My eyes are the window to the world, I just need the courage to find my way.


Vie said...

It's very true Charris. We perceive from what we see. Use them wisely as they're the gift from God.

Charris said...

thanks for your comment vie

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